Beta - VeraMobile for Android v.

We’re releasing today a new Beta update for VeraMobile for Android v. with the following bug fixes:

Issues fixed:

  • Both Color Temperature sliders are displayed for devices that only support the Warm White color component
  • Profesional Monitoring alert is displayed for non eligible users
  • Device battery level value is not displayed correctly
  • No controls are displayed for FGT-001 Radiator Thermostat
  • No energy reports are displayed on the UI for HeatIT 54 305 99 TF058 Z-TRM3 Thermostat
  • User has to tap two times on Next button from Vista cam 1200 to be redirected to next step
  • Security Monitoring Services button is missing from House Modes
  • Missing add controller button after login
  • User is requested to wait for camera response that is connected to wifi
  • After user buy vera protect and he creates one emergency user he is redirected to dashboard flow
  • Unable to create more then 20 scenes
  • No Language is displayed selected on controller if phone language is set to a different language
  • Create scene button isn’t displayed on Scenes page
  • App crashed after login

For those of you that are Beta testers via the Google platform and want to test the build faster you can enroll at this link , as we’ve changed the tool to distribute the builds - if you haven’t done it already. If you already use the new tool, you’ll receive an app update with v.


I have yet to receive an invitation email.

Hello, for many beta versions that I can remember using the new dashboard when tapping a device causes those icons to stutter back and forth. Haven’t seen anyone say this and occurs across two different phones and android versions. Anyone else have this?

Maybe this is the same issue?

Yep, thanks I didn’t see that. Appreciate the post.

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