Beta Test Our New Ezlo Atom

Hi All,

The Ezlo Atom is coming soon! We’ll be starting a beta test next week and we want your help.

We’re only allocating 100 devices for the beta, so if you’d like to help shape the future of Vera, just fill out this form, and we’ll send you an Atom for testing just as soon as they’re off the production line.

Before you sign up, here are a few important things to know:

What Atom is…

The smallest, most energy efficient control hub available, and it will be offered at a price well below any hub currently on the market. It features powerful, industry-changing hardware that runs on our new cloud platform, and is the only RTOS with S2 security enabled (not Linux).

What’s new about the cloud…

We are migrating to a distributed architecture of auto-scaled microservices built around a high-speed, durable data pipeline. Beyond the benefits, of speed, performance, and scale, the platform’s state-of-the-art architecture eliminates single failure points and enables us to easily connect new services in the future.

What Atom currently does…

It works with Z-Wave lights, thermostats, switches, sensors, and more. We’ve re-engineered the Z-Wave library for faster speed, built specially designed antennas for amazing range, and it’s the only hub with a scripting language for easy integration built on its own RTOS.

What Atom will support soon…
We are working on support for cameras and voice control.

What Atom isn’t…

It’s not designed to replace any part of your current setup and does not currently support 3rdparty plugins, though we’ll be converting a number of plugins onto our new microservices platform.

Who Atom is for…

It’s for your friends and family members who have expressed interest in home automation and want a simple, powerful way to begin their journey.

Why we still need your help…

Even though you’re not the primary target audience for Atom, you are our strongest advocates and most important critics. Your knowledge and experience is invaluable, and we want to make sure you have the chance to help us shape the future of Vera.

So please sign up, and in the coming days we’ll send you a device, a list of any known issues, and a follow-up survey where you can provide feedback. The time commitment for this will be low, but the impact of your collective input will be massive.

Atom Beta Registration CLOSED. Thanks, everyone

LE: Thank you and congratulations to everyone who put their names on the Atom Beta list and are ready to give it a drive and provide us their thoughts and feedback. We want to change the home automation hub concept and your vision and participation are critical for this.

Everyone who managed to get on the list will be receiving an Atom Hub sample, as soon as we finish the last moment arrangements and prepare the samples. We will keep you posted.

Thank you in advance!

Can you confirm that Beta devices will work only on US Z-Wave frequencies?

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Thank you for reaching out to clarify this point. Yes, the initial Beta for Ezlo Atom will be limited to the US Z-Wave frequency bands only.

Head of Product Management

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:wink: I’m based in EU, so I’ll join next wave…

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The whole reason I got Vera in the first place is to not rely on “the cloud” for HA. I’d like to keep it that way.


Awesome. Happy to help test it along with some family and friends that are interested in HA.

Part of our objectives with this beta is the real world testing of the cloud modules and capabilities of the new cloud structure. The live version of the Atom will have offline capabilities.

Don’t hesitate to join the beta. Your feedback is critical and will weigh even more if it’s part of our Beta program :wink:

So if I do participate, how will that work with my current Vera Z-Wave network, which also includes several plugins outside the Z-Wave network, one of which is not in the MiOS Library (Jandy Pool Plugin). Also, do you send out a free Ezlo Atom to test?

The Atom will not replace your Vera unit. We are sending 100 Ezlo Atoms, for free, shipping included (yours to keep after the Beta), to the first 100.

In exchange, we just want your honest feedback after you put it through hell.

So will it work side by side? I think that Z-Wave devices can only be paired to one controller at a time? Is there a migration method or would one need to run through set-up all over again?

The Atom will be added under the same account and you can choose to use one or another, as a Hub.

They cannot be used as one(bridging) - this is a feature that will be added later on.

You can un-pair any number of devices from your main Vera hub and pair them with the Atom, for beta testing purposes.

I assume that beta testers are going to need some devices to connect to it, quite a lot if they are going to out it through hell. Quite a lot of time to try and duplicate what their current Vera set ups do? Just curious since I’m UK based so out


Actually the testing flow in this stage is a little simpler than it seems.

Users that will apply for Beta will receive a document with the testing flow, known issues, capabilities in this stage, etc.

Also, the number of devices you can pair with the Atom doesn’t need to be a huge one. We’re also expecting physical testing, like using different USB ports on many USB enabled device (power stability), user on-boarding experience, device communication in certain scenarios. etc.


Sorin, a lot of would but many users are dis-enfranchised as typically Vera (and this free beta) is USA orientated, hence many of us are out of the loop.

Will there be a rest API available with the Atom like Vera has?

Also, will the locator servers at getvera maintain and still be hosted for customers as ezlo takes a cloud based architecture?

The isy994 from Universal Devices runs a realtime OS, so the atom is the 2nd controller, not the only controller, with a real-time os.

Our architecture is that, whatever can be done locally will be done locally. However we will also have a very strong cloud infrastructure.
We wrote our own RTOS to make this very powerful and capable device so that it can do stuff locally as well as use the cloud. That is our vision.

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We will get the EU version done soon as well! …
This is ONLY THE START guys…we have much more coming…MUCH MUCH MORE!!!

I’d like to give it a try, please.

I like it like it is now, would love to have it better first instead of more. Therefor I would love to see:
This is ONLY THE START guys…we have much better coming…MUCH MUCH BETTER!!!

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