Beta Test Our New Ezlo Atom

I’m a licensed PE who has written firmware for various IOT things. Understand wireless protocols. Have been through FCC / CE testing for products I created that communicate over BLE and Ant+. Have access to testing tools including RF sniffers, spectrum analyzers, and oscilloscopes. Work daily with RTOS’s and embedded debugging. I’ve got 25 Z-wave devices, cameras, sprinklers, locks, etc all on my home system. I’m your man to put this thing through the wringer :).

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The Ezlo Atom looks interesting but I will have to wait until the EU version is available for beta testing. Please lets us know when the EU version is available.

Can I attach a RFXCom to it?
Will it accept external USB for logging and additional Radio(s)?
Can it communicate with WiFi devices?
How about Zigbee and other protocols?

I may have missed it but will the Atom require a PC to be USB’ed into or will it work with Mac as well?

Please sign up using this form

If you are US or CA that uses a US z-wave frequency and haven’t signed up already, please do.
we’d love to get as many hands on it, as we can.

It’s a USB dongle, it can’t accept external radios. It only communicates through the Z-Wave and Wi-Fi. It’s basically a very affordable way to get into home automation.

Yes, the Atom is a low power USB device. It can be powered from any USB that has permanent power. A mobile phone charger, a TV’s usb port, a usb hub, anything that has USB.

I signed up about a week ago and never received a confirmation email. Did it go through?

same here. When/How do we find out if we get to test it. As i see the application count is now over 100.

that’s the click count on the link - not all entries all valid and not everyone that clicked it, continued with the form.
we’ll take the form down as soon as we reach the numbers :wink:

Instructions for testing will be sent when we start shipping the Atom.

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I would definitely like to test the new device, and look forward to the release if I’m not choose for the beta testing. thanks to the Vera Team (or eZlo Team… I guess) for moving forward.

Thanks for the info, but how do we know it actually went through?

I could test it, when it will be in EU version…

Hi Sorin and Vera team! Im from Brazil, and i am a Home Automation enthusiast, and i like to contribute im Atom project beta test. i had clicked on link button now to receive the Ezlo Atom device. I Have any zwave sensors, lighting devices, Global Cache, all in US FREQUENCY. I got bought in these days a Vera 3 unit, im only waiting to receive from Postal shipping, to play begin…Ever wanted the Vera central, but in here is more dificult to buy these H.A. Devices. Im really want to contribute in This beta test with my time, dedication and knowledge. I hope get in the 100 first candidates elegible. Anyway, thanks for oportunity.

I too signed up a while ago and haven’t received any confirmation of my submission. Have confirmations gone out yet? Also, any ETA on the start of the beta test?

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Atom Beta Registration CLOSED. Thanks, everyone

Thank you and congratulations to everyone who put their names on the Atom Beta list and have been selected.

I hope you are ready to give it a drive and provide us your thoughts and feedback. We want to change the home automation hub concept and your vision and participation are critical for this.

Everyone who managed to get on the list will be receiving an Atom Hub sample, as soon as we finish the last moment arrangements and prepare the samples. We will keep you posted.

PS: This Beta Phase is only dedicated to the US and CA customers, hence only users in these regions have been pre-selected, with more regions to come.

Just got a fedex notification that I got an eZLO package on the way! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I received mine about an hour ago, who else has theirs? Just waiting on further directions as to weather we wait for the email or can setup now?

Yes I just received a Fedex notification :grinning::+1:

Same here, I emailed support asking for instructions. @Sorin Will we have specific forum area / topic for the Atom beta?

got mine today

Got mine today also