Beta - MiOS app for Android v.1.67.72

We’re releasing today a new Beta update for MiOS app for Android v. 1.67.72 with the following bug fixes:

Issues fixed:

  • Both Color Temperature sliders are displayed for devices that only support the Warm White color component
  • Profesional Monitoring alert is displayed for non eligible users
  • Device battery level value is not displayed correctly
  • No controls are displayed for FGT-001 Radiator Thermostat
  • No energy reports are displayed on the UI for HeatIT 54 305 99 TF058 Z-TRM3 Thermostat
  • User has to tap two times on Next button from Vista cam 1200 to be redirected to next step
  • Security Monitoring Services button is missing from House Modes
  • Missing add controller button after login
  • User is requested to wait for camera response that is connected to wifi
  • After user buy vera protect and he creates one emergency user he is redirected to dashboard flow
  • Unable to create more then 20 scenes
  • No Language is displayed selected on controller if phone language is set to a different language
  • Create scene button isn’t displayed on Scenes page
  • App crashed after login
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I remember the MiOS tradename, but never heard of this app. What does it do and/or which audience is it intended for? Just curious. (I use the Vera Mobile app to connect to a Vera Plus, Vera Edge, Ezlo Plus and Ezlo Atom v2)

Your not missing anything, its a clone of the Vera app with a few tweaks here and there.

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