Best iOS and Android Apps for Vera remote control?


Which of the Apps has proved to be the better choice to use on iOS and Android? I’ve got my Vera on order, comes Tuesday and then I’ll setup the house and want to setup mobile access. Thanks!

Make a vote here perhaps?

I don’t have android, but for iOS it has to SQremote for flexibility, and the only real choice if you want to throw AV control into the mix! for iOS works very well for me. The support for the seems very solid as well.,18.0.html

If you are using Android AutHomation, Home Buddy, and Vera Mobile are all free so you might as well try all of them. Both @rakstar (Home Buddy) and @garrettwp (AutHomation) seem very response to requests to add support for new devices, etc.

Vera Mobile just showed up recently in the app store with very little fanfare. I think it is an official micasaverde app. One feature that Vera Mobile has that I don’t think is present in the other two is recording new scenes.

The the interfaces are fairly different between the various apps. Vera Mobile doesn’t break down devices by room, just type. It provides a list of rooms, but I’m not really sure why. It lets you create new scenes where the other two programs don’t. Home Buddy provides a typical Android list view of either devices or scenes by room. This makes it easy to control a lot of devices sequentially. AutHomation has a very nice UI that is a bit more customized. For devices it doesn’t know about (mostly user developed plugins) there is an option to show extra information which is useful.

Great. Thanks for the input.

I just threw in the towel on iVera and bought Automator because it is still being actively developed. Excellent choice - it blows iVera away! ;D

Automator app supports push notification on iOS devices which is really cool. But the GUI is not so great.

Definitely… Its also only half the price of iVera I believe!

Another vote for here. Use it every day, and the push notifications are great :slight_smile: for my iPhone and Home Buddy on my tablet. Both are solid and support is great. Please donate to Home Buddy he has a lot of time invested.

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I use Hal Remote … I control on Android via voice … The only thing I can’t do is manipulate the camera … I will add that soon.

I use AutHomation for android, than again I am also the developer of the app. I have used in the past ivera, and sqremote. for the iOS platform wins with sqremote coming in second.

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In order of frequency of usage:
a) SQRemote on iPhone (Home Control only)
b) SQRemoteHQ on iPad (Home & AV Control)
c) AutHomation on GoogleTV
d) for Testing Alarm Plugin extensions

The SQRemote stuff takes a little longer to get setup, but once you do it’s hard to go back. I have customized panels/layout for Power Monitoring, Alarm Monitoring/Management, AV Gear and Home Control…

Disclaimer: I’m a Beta tester for SQRemote, but I still pay for each release :wink:

I agree with guessed; SQRemote takes time to set up well, but it’s worth it. You’ll end up with an interface tailored to your particular needs.

Still, none of the current apps meet my needs, so I’ve started developing my own :slight_smile: I want something that looks and functions somewhat like a remote control or a wall mounted control panel: easy enough to use to trust your (grand)mother with it: the true test of any interface :slight_smile: The current crop of Vera apps seem to be aimed at the administrators of the Vera network rather than the end users.

I do use iVera a lot, for a quick swipe to check the status of all the Lights, for example. It appears that iVera loads the config faster than, in my case.

I tried all the free ones out I could find on my Android tablet & phone and Home Buddy: was the nicest. I like the direct shortcuts you can place on the ‘desktop’, and the layout was less cluttered. Also the buttons aren’t pressed accidentally when scrolling like in ivera & authomation.

Have you tried the beta version of AutHomation?

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I have to revise my earlier statement…
Since I ve added some more devices, iVera looks much cleaner than automator.
Still think its overpriced though.


For IOS environment…SQ Remote HD (little tricky at the beginning for configuring…once you got it right, you’re in business )
For Android environment…AutHomation (nice UI, quick and easy set up, smooth and great support from the developer)

My IOS Apps
1 iVera
2 SqRemote

iVera is easy to use
SqRemote you can integrate with you IR system. to much info that I don’t want to see on my IOS for quick control