Best App for iOS devices

Hi all,

I’m new to home automation and have taken the plunge to et myself a VeraLite after a couple days of research. Can anyone recommend the best app that is compatible with the Vera Lite or should I just use the browser to access it on my iOS devices?

The Vera UI5 browser interface is ghastly.
I think the consensus on a great app is HomeWave.
Get’s my vote without a doubt.
Try it - you’ll like it.

Please have a look over the forum. There are many topics that discuss the various apps.

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[quote=“akbooer, post:2, topic:177156”]The Vera UI5 browser interface is ghastly.
I think the consensus on a great app is HomeWave.
Get’s my vote without a doubt.
Try it - you’ll like it.[/quote]

Homewave is so ugly though! I like the for its looks, but its a bit buggy ATM.

Heh, I’m the world’s worst graphics designer. You can customize most aspects of the UI though.

after test all apps …Homewave is the best choice…

I used iVera as my first app. When HomeWave came out, I tried that & have used it since. I think that’s going to be the consensus on here mainly due to intveltr’s responsiveness & continuous efforts to improve the app.

Although, I’ve been using iVera once in a while lately to do some HVAC controlling…

I started with and I’m now using Homewave. has a decent interface and all your devices are automatically picked up without you having to do anything. It has a consistent look and feel and if you’re looking for a simple setup, without a lot of work on your end, this is a good app.

Homewave definitely has a learning curve. It can be as ugly or beautiful as you want it to be. It does take a little effort to learn how to add controls and create the UI to your liking. However, once you figure out how to use it, it’s a very powerful and feature-rich environment to work in. It lets you set up your UI to present and group your devices in a manner that makes the most sense to you. IMHO, if you put in a little effort to learn how to use it, you’ll never look back.

Heh, I’m the world’s worst graphics designer. You can customize most aspects of the UI though.[/quote]

I will have to take a look. I have changed my mind about Automator. It becomes unresponsive often and crashes. I’ve been using iVera on my iPhone and some on my iPad with the stretched.

Perhaps talk to the tweetbot guys @markjardine about making an interface for you. They do amazing work and I know that would probably do an app if it was more mainstream. Maybe mark would help with the interface for some $$$.

Just a thought.

I?m crossing my fingers that iVera will come out with a native iPad version. I bought Automator and it is very slow with the about 100 devices on my network. iVera looks good, but I?m holding out on an iPad version before I plunk down my money.

go with homewave.

I used iVera then Automator and now HomeWave. HomeWave a has been the best and the developer is constantly making updates that just rock. There is a slight learning curve setting up your screens but believe me it is worth it.

As others have mention it can look as nice as you have the abilities to make it look. I suggest looking at the screenshot thread, someone mention a website were you can make a 3d model of your home and lay the controls on top of it.

How about irule ? Anybody had good/bad experience ?

Homewave… do a little work and make it pretty for yourself.
SQ Remote… costs $$ already pretty though

Automator app… I just don’t care for it… Looks ok.

Just to throw another option in the ring for anyone that is a developer…I just posted source to the app I started last week. It isn’t complete, but handles about 75% of my needs.

I have no plans on publishing it on the app store, but for any developer that wants to make a custom app for his or her own use, this could be a good starting point.

(If anyone at Vera is listening, feel free to contact me about the app if you want to use it as a basis for something.)

Go for Control Cube. It has the best interface (in my opinion) and takes less than a minute to set up.

this remember Fibaro App.

I can not see the freedom what Homewave App give for us to position the things.

a reading of devices exactly like are in vera for a system with 100 and 15 rooms devices can be not a good idea?

but I will buy and test?

all new options are welcome?


Here is a suggestion you can do with Control Cube: If you have so many devices, do not connect them to a single VERA. Segment the property into 2 or 3 zones and use multiple VERAs. In Control Cube, you simply add each VERA by IP and you will have full control of each and every one. So technically in Control Cube, you could have much more than 100 zwave devices and much more than 15 rooms on 1 user interface.

Check it out:

soon I will test the product?

Homewave… Powerful and reliable.