Be Next / 2ihome devices

Has anyone had any experience with these?

I’ve only just found the site, but i like the look of the Alarm Sound module, and the Door Sensor (that reports temperature!!!)

They say they ‘Speak Z-wave’ so should work with Vera. Any views?

This is all providing try will ship to the UK too.

Some of their products are listed on the Z-wave site: so I would think they are legit zwave.

its located in amsterdam, which is about 50km from my homevillage
im planning to get these too and i have had contact with the owner. there are as of yet still in preparation phase and have started to sell products but it seems there are not yet any new products for sale.
i had to come back later… so ima try soon… for the shipping to UK its not a problem, i can order it back here and ship to you if neccesary.
these are very interesting devices… specially the notifier cq alarm light. this doorsensors also looking cool as is the pricing… :wink:

The TAG Reader seems very interresting:

The response I had some times ago from Benext open the opportunity to developp a plugin for someone who is a professional in z-wave, not the case for me :’(

Dear Chris,

Thank you for your emails.

Yes the products are z-wave certified and are tested with the verabox.
But you will need to be a professional in z-wave to understand all advanced settings of the products.

Some very interesting devices there… Has anyone tried them yet?

Pricing is interesting… I’ll order a couple of products from them when I get home :slight_smile:


Great, waiting for your feedback!


Today I get the following information from BeNext:

Possibility to get their devices without ordering a package kit:

Sorry, It will be able in the beginning of November.

Never seen these devices before! They have some interesting stuff, I like the look of the wall controller with the Home and Away buttons, I wonder if these might work with Vera rather than their own IP gateway ?

I wonder the same thing. I can’t find much on Vera support for BeNext devices ( Is there someone who can enlight us?

I have added the following devices from BeNext ( to Vera v3 running firmware 1.5.459.
This is what I experienced:

-BeNext Alarm --> Device gets added, but is recognized as Motion sensor. It does not work at all :’(
-BeNext Door / temperature sensor --> Door-sensor works perfectly (detected as motion-sensor). Temperature device is not created, so it cannot be read from Vera. Besides, the offset fot the temperature sensor needs to be callibrated by adding an offset to it, to keep the sensor cheap. This is not something that Vera supports for other devices.
-BeNext Tag Reader --> This device gets detected as Door Lock. Any event from the GUI gives a “ERROR lock isnt configured”. I can’t get it configured.

So support for these BeNext devices with the firmware I’m using is not that good.

I get the same from the tag reader. I reported the issue to MVC, maybe we’ll see support for this thing in an upcoming firmware. I do like this little unit.

Hopefully their radiator thermostat will work, I should get a prototype this month.

Anyone experience with their panic button/watch?


eedomus now supports the BeNext-iHome Tag Reader, which is now abvailable for 47.80? !

It would be great to have a Vera plugin with this product! It could be the most appropriate cost effective solution to deactivate a"Z-Wave-Vera Alarm" based system.

Anybody interrested with this challenge? :wink: (french sorry)

I’m also waiting for the tag reader support in vera
It’s a certified z-wave product:

Hope Micasaverde will catch up their delay and provide a lot of new supported devices with the Vera new firmware that everybody is waiting for 6 months ;D

Maybe we can add support our selves?

Isn’t it possible to add support for these devices by adding the corresponding xml files, or do they really need to release a new firmware for support?
Does anybody know more about the Vera-internals? When I log in to the device via ssh and look at the files in /var/log/, I can see the devices broadcoasting Z-wave signals, but the LUA engine is not doing anyhting with them…

I don’t get why MCV does not provide updates for new Z-wave devices separately without needing to upgrade the firmware.

part of the device options are woven into the system to support upnp calls and such, hence it would require a firmware update if any new “services” comes with new devices.
MCV needs to know the variables used by the device in order to support it. best practice is to find these parameters and technical docs about a device and send these to MCV for them to examine it and write support.
i like the tag-reader so i hope this gets supported since it is like mentioned a standard z-wave device (that is… it speaks z-wave). i didnt buy anything yet since i read this topic and find out your experiences with them, but i plan to if they work. products are very affordable and look promising.

The latest public beta adds some support for the BeNext RFID reader (after upgrading, you need to exclude / include again). The device is now configured properly and will accept pin codes configured in Vera. The pin codes allow you to set the Home/Away state of the device on the keypad.

However I have not found a way yet to add RFID tags to the device. According to the technical documentation, the device sends a “pin entered” message to Vera when an unknown RFID tag is presented. Vera should the respond with another message “Accept this PIN as a valid one” to the device, but I found no way of issuing this command.

At least this makes for a useful, affordable panel to set home/away state. It beats the unprotected button next to the doors, which curious guests are always pushing :slight_smile:

nice ! thanx for the update
yes i have that too… ppl pushing buttons and pulling wires where they should not. so since i have domotica i rerouted the on/off switches to turn on the tv and put it on disney channel, sorta gives them the clue most of the time :slight_smile:

Hello, did you also tried the BeNext 7 buttons scene controller? I’d like to order it with the keypad.