Application for Smrtlite

Smrtlite (yes, that’s how it’s spelled) is a source of reasonably priced Wifi smart devices I recently came across. Their smart functions utilize their own app but they allegedly work with Alexa and Google home. I have a Vera-Plus and an inquiry sent to Vera support indicated they had no application or plug in for these. I was wondering if anyone is familiar with Smrtlite and if they have come upon any tricks to integrate with Vera. We have a 10-year old basic Honeywell Wifi thermostat that at one time we were able to connect to our Vera Edge at another house with the help of Vera support. Not sure what they did. Any suggestions are appreciated.

Hello @drvetlab ,

There are no Vera-native plugins to handle WiFi devices, however, there are third-party plugins that can handle them. Most likely we assisted in configuring your Wifi thermostat with the existing Honeywell WiFi plugin.

On Ezlo we have a WiFi plugin that can handle WiFi devices.