Anyone used this Z-Wave curtain track motor?

Has anyone used these curtain motors with Z-Wave inbuilt? They also have RF 433mhz radio for the hand held remote.

I just picked up a cheap used one off eBay, just need to order a length of track for it.

EU 868.42MHz Frequency Z-Wave plus Automatic Electric Curtain Motors opener operator driver for Smart Home

The motor arrived in the post today.

It paired with an Ezlo Plus as a Generic Z-Wave device and added a single Window Covering device in to the GUI.

It works in as much as the motor turns when I press buttons in the GUI. It’s quiet as well.

I am not 100% sure on the make and model? There is no model number on the sticker just a SN number.

I am assuming these are the Dooya Z-Wave motors as listed on the Z-Wave Alliance here With a model number listed as DT82TV/F-1.2/14

Only place I’ve ever seen them for sale anywhere is on Aliexpress and they aren’t so cheap when compared to other motors and kits.

I took it apart and there are no manufacturer markings, nothing says Dooya inside.

The motor itself however does say “Yu Sheng Motor” which I’ve never heard of.

Somfy motors probably say the same thing LOL all made in the same factory.

These are the only photos on the Internet, showing the inside of one of these Z-Wave curtain motors.

The motor says 24VDC so there must be a step down converter in the circuitry for AC to DC.

The Z-Wave chip is a Silicon Labs SD3502A-CNE3, data sheet here.

Is this Z-Wave Plus ? S2 Security ?

The remote is RF 433mhz which seems to work also.

I need to order a suitable track with runners and drive belt, from my man off Aliexpress, but that isn’t as cheap as I was expecting either.

These are the motor boxes that were supplied with it.

I’ve paired the motor to my Vera Plus now.

Maybe this isn’t the same Dooya motor? As I cannot monitor or set parameters.

In the user manual for the Dooya motor downloaded from the Z-Wave Alliance there are ten parameters that can be configured and set.

eDT82TV-F A-00.pdf (1.4 MB)

However in Vera if I add the first 3 parameters and try to either monitor them only or set one of them it doesn’t work.

If I press the “Configure Node Right Now” button in Vera, it goes through the correct motions and looks like its configured it OK. But no parameter values are displayed on the “Device Options” area.

So I don’t know then what motor it actually is.

In the variables the Manufacturer Info says:


Some detective work via this thread here

338 Decimal in Hex = 152.

Searching the manufacturer info spreadsheet I found this entry:

Searching that company name on Google, I found this page here, its the only Z-Wave motor they have listed on their website, but its looks like a different round shaped housing.

Searching the Z-Wave Alliance catalogue for this UFairy company name, they do have some products listed in there, but no curtain motors are listed at all.

I’ve emailed them about a user manual, as I don’t know how to set the motors limits or if it will just work it out itself on the track.

Just found this page here which lists the model number as JTB-1007, with some different parameter numbers, but when I try to monitor those instead, no values are displayed in Vera either. So not sure.

This page here list that same model number JTB-1007 under a different company name called Jintaobao.

The seller on Aliexpress who is selling these Z-Wave motors, sent me a one page user manual.

Which also confirms these motors are manufactured by UFairy G.R. Tech or Jintaobao and not Dooya. According to the model numbers: JTB-1007-01 / JTB-1007-02

I’m still not understanding the Z-Wave parameters however. I tried to use parameter 8 or 33 for allow hand pull. If I monitor these parameters no value is displayed in Vera.

And if I try to set these parameters I cannot set them or at least no current value is displayed.

Not 100% sure what 0x00 0x00 means ?

The parameters by the looks of it are also used to set the motor position limits.

Z-Wave Alliance Product Page for this motor here.

Z-Wave Protocol Implementation Conformance Statement

I have 3 of these, almost one year ago i have purchased them, I have set them up to open everyday at 7am and close 10 mins before sunset, never had a problem since then.


Great, did you have to set any parameter settings for the open / close limits on the motor?

Or did they just work out of the box with the length of curtain track you have?

I’m still waiting for the track I ordered separately to arrive.


It will work out of the box, but you have to connect it to the remote control first, you have to open and close by the remote so the motor knows the length of the track and when is the end point of closing and opening.

Did you get any instructions with yours?

I haven’t got any and none about the remote.

i remember i chatted with on whatsapp or email and they sent me the instuctions

If you still have a copy please upload them here.

Thank you.

Hope this helps, this the guide how to pair your remote control with the curtain motor.

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Finally got around to installing this curtain track and motor today. It’s working fine with my Vera Plus, the motor just sorted itself out with the track limits, so didn’t need to set anything in the end.

Can manually pull the curtains also to start the motor opening or closing etc. The motor and track is very quiet.

Note: the instructions posted on the last post above are for the Dooya motor and remote control.
Not the same as this motor and remote control I have which is UFairy G.R. Tech or Jintaobao.