Any Sensors that actually work consistently?

I’ll double check the setting, but just warmed it up and temp changed almost straight away. Calibration?? temp difference reporting?

all settings correct except temp variable which was 0.00

I put mine in the freezer as well haha.

Check the motion sensor parent device settings:


Done that will wait again :wink:

Those settings are more for longer battery life.

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This one a New Neo with dimples is particularly annoying, I have used all your @cw-kid parameter settings which have definitely improved my other sensors
but his one temperature randomly goes to 0.00 then when I heat it up it reads ok for a while then goes back to 0.00 is it going to sleep or something and not reporting Lux and motion are fine

Battery operated devices all sleep yes.

I have set a long wakeup interval of 86400 seconds / 24hrs to save battery life.

However this does not affect the sensor reporting changes in temp, lux and motion to Vera etc.

Looking at the user manual again, there are no parameter settings related to the temperature sensor, for example to calibrate the temperature sensor. The majority of the parameters are related to the LUX sensor component.

Stick it in the freezer, I did that LOL.

Seriously though, I’m not sure, as I said mine did this initially but now doesn’t appear to drop to 0.00 when its not actually that temperature. Not that I have noticed anyway.

I wonder if I could track that in Grafana graphs to see if it does actually do it or not.

Might have to look in to that.

You could filter 0 reading anyway. I posted a script in another thread.

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I have ordered a Aeotec 3 in 1 and a indoor Hue Motion Sensor
fingers crossed the hue works, coz if it does I’m going with hue sensors although still connected to Vera
These zwave motion sensors are too unreliable (Fibaro, Neo old & New, Aeotec 6 in 1)
The outside Hue one I already have has been faultless

@cw-kid did you check the back of the plastic container thing that the sensor sits in, I noticed my claw on the back

Can’t say I noticed it. I have the box somewhere maybe.

I have the Aeotec 3 in1 Trisensor and have been running it for a few days now along side the Hue Motion Sensor

Both work perfectly no issues they consistently report correct temperature and Lux and battery levels(although the Hue doesn’t report lux it reports some other light level, they also un trip correctly and the Aeotec has easy parameters in the device options


Aeotec looks nicer\smaller but is £44
Hue is bigger but is £29

I’m going to sell all my Neo’s, Fibaro’s and put Aeotec Trisensors in their place and probably put the Hue in the garage or shed :wink:

No claw inside the box.

For comparison some photos of the box.

I believe I ordered it from the official Neo CoolCam store on Aliexpress.

Sounds positive. I’ve never used one before myself.

Does it have good parameter settings for the LUX level lighting controls like the Neo?

Seems too there are others as well

The one that came today, my others where in the same box as yours

I’ll have to read the Aeotec Tri sensor user manual, can’t see any LUX related parameter settings on your screen shot.

Can the Aeotec Tri sensor be connected to USB power like their other larger motion sensor devices?

Out of interest, how many Neos have you got and how much?

manual attached

no battery only

Not sure I’ll need to check I’ll let you knowTrisensor.pdf (532.2 KB)

How do you plan to control your lights based on the LUX Light Level reading from the motion sensor device?

  1. Direct Z-Wave Association using Group 2
  2. Vera scene or Reactor logic rules

I am using direct Z-Wave association, which makes some parameter settings important, like the below one.

From the Neo user manual:

  1. Ambient illumination Lux Level (Not Complete, Reserved)
    This parameter can be set a lux level value which determines when the light sensor is activated. If the ambient illumination level falls below this value and a person moves
    across or within the detected area , PIR detector will send a Z-Wave ON command(i.e.
    BASIC_SET value = parameter 3#) to an associated device and activate it.

Function: Lux Level Set
Parameter Number: 5
Parameter Size: 2 Byte
Available Settings: 0 - 1000(Lux)
Default Setting: 100(Lux)

I cannot see an equivalent parameter setting like this in the Aeotec Tri Sensor user manual.

I have this parameter #5 set to a value of 15.

This means that when the light level falls below the LUX Light Level value of 15, then the light sensor will control the associated lights upon motion detection.

If the Lux Light Level is above a value of 15 LUX then it will not turn on the lights etc.

How do you control the same on the Aeotec Tri Sensor ? When using direct association group 2.

There is this in the Aeotec Tri Sensor user manual, but I don’t understand what it means?

And this is what is says about Association groups:

I am a Reactor newbie, but this works for me

I have no idea how to do it via associations, sorry

Does anyone else know the answer to my question above?