Any Sensors that actually work consistently?

Hello, I have Neo’s (Official & possible copies) Fibaro’s & Aeotec 6 in 1

  1. The Fibaros generally work reporting temp motion lux but dont report battery levels accurately
  2. The Neo’s (Both genuine and copies) seem to work ok for motion then Lux and Temp are intermittent (all over this forum) I have tried all the different parameter setting makes no difference
  3. The Aeotec (I only have one is in my garage powered by usb ) but apparently it doesn’t report UV correctly and there are several reports on ghost devices so I dont want to touch it!
  4. The Philips hue sensor reports consistently BUT the LUX is not real LUX it reports 33291 in my back garden - hellooooo

So is there a decent freaking z wave sensor that doesn’t look like a brick that actually works with Vera


How do you tell if a Neo CoolCam motion sensor is genuine or a copy ?

I’ve only tried (indoors) the Neo’s and the Fibaro motion sensors.

I much prefer the Neo’s as they have more and far better parameter settings available for LUX level lighting control. Only downside to the Neo’s is no S2 Security, so was unable to use it with a Fibaro Dimmer 2 with direct Z-Wave association.

I’ve not noticed the issues you describe with the Neo CoolCam ones.

I did have to calibrate the LUX sensor on the Neo changing a parameter setting for it however.

Maybe I am being a bit harsh saying copies\fake they might be older models but I bought them from various places and some of them them would not accept the parameters setting you posted in other threads , the last two I bought directly from the official coolcam store and the backs have dimples in them and they came with a magnetic fixing and the 3 claw fixing as well

They are the ones I have with the dimples not the version 1 rounder ones.

I only got the magnetic fixing not the 3 claw.

Ah Ok, old models then, thanks

Can you post the parameters you have for yours please, thanks

I can later yes.

The LUX calibration value you will have to work out a suitable value.

I used a LUX meter app on my phone a real one better.

to be honest I am not that bothered about the calc I just dont want to be seeing 0.00 :wink: or do I need the calc for it to display?

Oh and of course the correct temperature

The LUX values were way out for me too high I think or was it low I forget. So I had to do the calculation to calibrate the LUX and I used a LUX meter app on my phone to give me a base line.

You will have to look up what these parameters mean in the user manual, make sure you have the right user manual, there are different ones, think I actually used one from a different manufacturer name, some American company that must of licenced these sensors from NEO.

I have the user manuals saved if you need them.

Think I had to use a combination of both these user manuals.

Siterwell_STW-W3300WU_motionsensor_20170825.docx.pdf (551.7 KB)

naspd02z.pdf (525.3 KB)

Thank you, just installing my Nest, but will try later, thank you so much!

Ok put all those in to a new neo with dimples thanks, currently everything reading as it should…will report back

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Sounds promising fingers crossed.

Bloody Hell, touch wood so far so good with old and new Neo

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Magic… still got my fingers crossed.

Boo Hoo, so this is what gets on my freakin nerves, I have spent hours on this, you @cw-kid probably days!

It should just frickin work, where’s my hammer :wink: PS this is the new ones I have just bought

Top left temp sensor gone to 0.00

Now that I think about it I do remember in the past having a similar issue with my Neo CoolCam motion sensor, sometimes saying 0 on the temp child device.

I can’t say I have noticed it recently however. I will keep an closer eye on it.

Thanks for your help anyway…I’m ready to give up now :wink:

Doesn’t say why though.

Mine did the same but seemed to be at the time of initial setup.

But I haven’t noticed it at 0.00 for a long time now. Maybe I just not noticed or maybe it fixed itself.

The child temp device should be set to these obviously:

device_type = urn:schemas-micasaverde-com:device:TemperatureSensor:1
device_file = D_TemperatureSensor1.xml
device_json = D_TemperatureSensor1.json
category_num = 17
subcategory_num = 0

AltID on my says “m1”

id_parent is obviously that of the main Neo motion sensor device.

And for goot measure these the temp child devices variables that are present.






Don’t know what else to check ?

Stick it next to the fireplace does it react and temp go up fast ?