All my triggers were deleted last night

Dont know what happened but last night most of the triggers for my meshbots were deleted, I had to go one by one recreating the triggers… the meshbots with actions were still there, but the triggers were gone.

What firmware version is your Ezlo hub ? And is it enrollled in the beta program?

I have seen this happen before myself to some of my Meshbot rules, which was annoying. Don’t think it happened to all my rules though, just some of them.

Firmware version:
I don’t think I am in the beta program

That is the same version my Ezlo Plus is on and it is in the beta program.

I will check my own Meshbot rules later, see if any of mine are broken also ?

When you say your triggers were deleted were they completely missing altogether? Or was it just values you had previously set in the triggers that were missing?

For example a switches state value true or false etc.

Also if you can give your controllers serial number? @Max can check if its in the beta program or not?

Version is the latest beta version of the firmware.

Hub serial number

some of the triggers were completely deleted, for example I have many gocontrol devices that support double or triple tab, those triggers were completely deleted, not the action, just the trigger. Then I have few date and time based triggers, those were changed some of the values.

Not fun having to re-create everything… which brings me back to other ask I had… can we please duplicate local meshbots!!!??? Please!!!???

That is on the roadmap, think they are working on it.

I asked them to check if that controller is in the beta program?

If it is in the program and this is your main live controller, I would recommend having it removed from the beta program and just let it update to the stable public firmware releases.

Also I checked my own Meshbot rules, I don’t have any missing triggers that I could see.

Yes, what do I have to do to get removed from the beta? this is my production device

If they confirm it is in the beta program? I will ask them to remove it, if that is what you wish to do.

Probably won’t hear back from them until tomorrow morning now however as their office is closed.

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@augustov sorry for the inconvenience.
We will get a customer representative contact you as soon as possible.
If a backup is present, we can roll back.
And you hub will be removed from beta list.

@augustov Your hub has been removed from the beta. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Hold on but now everything is gone!

I have had that done many different times also have had the entire actions or triggers deleted.
Also have meshbots that you can not edit and save, so must re-create the entire meshbot

@osman and @Max I think I found why the triggers are being deleted. It seems to be an incompatibility between meshbots that you create on the ezlogic website and the iOS Vera app. If you assign scenes (meshbots) on the iOS app to rooms, then the triggers in the meshbots get messed up, and viceversa if you fix the triggers on the ezlogic website then the scenes get removed from the room in the iOS app. Please do not move me again out of the beta firmware, if you do that my backups don’t work and I cannot restore my devices.

Yes I would always recommend to create and edit your rules on the Ezlogic web UI and not in the mobile apps. There are some discrepancies between the two and the mobile apps have not as yet fully caught up with the web UI.

I wasn’t aware there was an issue with restoring backups, if the controller is not enrolled in the beta program. I will ask them to check that out.

So do you want your controller adding back into the beta enrolment ?

yesterday was a bit of a roller coaster, my device was moved to the non beta firmware, and when that happened everything was gone, I tried to restore from my backups but the restore process gave an error everytime, until I called support, they brought me back to the firmware I originally had (the beta one) and now the restore worked. At this point I would like to stay where I am and not touch anything.

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The official app for mobile as far as I know is the Vera app, and that is the one that conflicts with the meshbots created in ezlogic website, a really broken story there, as the Vera mobile app is the only way to add devices to the system, also is the only way to cycle between, home, away, vacation, etc… fun times…