Alexa can’t control VeraPlus

During the last few weeks Alexa can’t control my VeraPlus devices, in some cases I get acknowledgment from Alexa but nothing happens, in other cases I get error.
When looking at the devices via the Alexa app, all of them are unrecognized or some other error, however I am always able to turn lights on , but never off.

Does Alexa is still supported?


Alexa seems to be working OK with my Vera Plus, both in the Alexa app and via voice, I was able to turn a light on and off.

How long have you had this problem?

I would say around two weeks or so.

@Leonardo_Soto Please can you log a support ticket for this user.


I am experiencing the same. Using Alexa to control my Vera Edge more or less stopped two weeks ago. Once in a while it does work but mostly non functional atm.

I’m getting the same

I’ve had a stable system for a few years. Occasionally, an Alexa voice command would time out, but it worked pretty well.

Recently (last few weeks), scenes that Alexa should control don’t work at all (“ is not responding”).

If on the other hand I ask Alexa to “turn on the lights”, that will work, but it is followed by the following message: “Sorry, the device that is connected to is not responding. Please check its network connection and power supply”). My hub works fine, and I can control the scenes perfectly well by other means (eg my phone / computer).

The problem appears to be a little transitory - that is it has come and gone a little.

What should I do?



Similar on going issue. It often works but i get a message that hub is disconnected

In france, i have the same problem.

We kindly invite our customers having issues with the Alexa integration to disable and re-enable the corresponding skill (for Vera or Ezlo). The Alexa integration had some issues in the past few days but this should fix it. However, if the persists, please let us know at so we can troubleshoot directly. We are sorry for the inconvenience.
Thanks a lot!

Same here. I get no or very long response time from Alexa-Vera. I am based in Sweden. The change came a few weeks ago.