Alexa can no longer run VeraPlus scenes?

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@TheSaint Thank you for opening the ticket, we will get back to you on that promptly.

@cw-kid If you like, we could also check what’s happening there. Feel free to open a ticket as well.

Best regards.

It never occurred to me to check Google during all of this. I was able to confirm that Google can control both devices and scenes just fine. So this does seem to be isolated to just Alexa. I wonder if it might be something to do with the Vera skill in Alexa. I tried the URL to the log to see if there was any mention of Alexa or the scenes attempted to run. All sorts of mentions of both but none of it looks as though it matter (mostly looks like it updating its own information, checking for changing, polling, etc–at least, that’s my guess). Nothing that states communication attempts between the two.

How do you run Vera scenes via Alexa?

A voice command? If so which phrase are you using?

Or are you using Alexa Routines to run the Vera scene?

I have a scene called “Heating On”

I asked Alexa via voice to “Run heating on”

She said sorry it wasn’t responding, however the Vera scene to turn on the heating was actually run.

Seems to be some cloud to cloud latency here.


I dont use Alexa. I have Google Home speakers primarily.

But your welcome to open a ticket on my behalf and have a poke around my Vera account if required.

I do have a different current issue with Google Home and Vera integration here however, which Oleg is looking in to for me I believe.

Hello @cw-kid

Yes, generally that’s the way you run scenes through Alexa, for instance, “Run Kitchen Lights”.

I would kindly suggest, just to troubleshoot to uninstall the skill and install it again, also have you notice high latency in your Vera when executing scenes or turning lights through your SmartPhone?

No I have not notice high letancy, everything controlled via the Vera app seems fine.

Hello @cw-kid

Please try to remove the skill and add it again, if the issue continues we’ll create a support ticket to continue the troubleshooting and replicate the issue.

OK I will if I have time.

This isn’t the first time this same problem has been reported on the forum about Alexa devices and scenes being marked as unresponsive.

If you search the forum for those keywords you will find the other threads.


OK I disabled / unlinked the Vera skill in the Alexa app. Then logged into my Amazon Alexa account in the web browser and removed all devices and scenes.

I then relinked the Vera skill in the Alexa app and discovered devices again etc.

Looking at Vera scenes listed in the Alexa app they still all say “Device is unresponsive”.

I then asked Alexa to “run {scene name}” and she says in response “Sorry {scene name} is not responding”.

However the Vera scene is actually run OK anyway regardless.

When deleting the devices in Alexa are you bulk deleting them or deleting them individually.

I deleted everything by removing all.


So are you not able to get the Vera scenes to run at all via Alexa?

Delete devices from Alexa individually and then add them again.

I’m not sure what difference that would make?

However I went to this website

Under Smart Home - > Scenes

I removed one scene, I then rediscovered “devices” again and the scene came back.

Then switched to the Alexa app to find that same scene and it still says “Device is unresponsive” beneath it, like all the other Vera scenes do.

Bulk delete of devices in Alexa is faulty. To ensure a fresh discovery of devices you need to delete each device individually and discover them again in Alexa.

Ezlo support - > click the Search button above and enter these keywords

Alexa Device is Unresponsive 

This has been an on going issue for a long time that Vera Control Ltd and now Ezlo Innovation haven’t seemingly resolved.

I myself have reported on the forum previously the very same issues as being reported in this thread now, as have many other users also.

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How did you discover this?

I could try to delete / remove each device and each scene individually from the Amazon Alexa account website, as you suggest and Rediscover them.

You should also try unlinking the Vera skill in Alexa and linking it again. A combination of the two methods should work.

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