Alarm System Support for new user?

Just bought a vera lite and am interested in communicating with my current alarm system. Can someone point me to some info on that? How do I know if it’s compatible?

You’ll want to read around in this forum, as there are tons of exactly that question being answered here. I’ve moved your post to this area, since it contains most of the answers you’re looking for, and will help you as you narrow your search a little.

You can also checkout, and use the list there to “drive” further research on how far progressed each is.

Thanks. Once I figure out what kind of panel I have (not sure how to tell, but it’s cox communications in Phoenix), what do I do with the software found in the links? I saw xml, json, and js files.

That site will show you what plugins are available. You’ll need to compare it against what [ Alarm ] hardware you have to see if it’s supported. If not, then you’d need to replace your panel with one that is.

For the most part, the supported panels are also install-able from, for UI5 at least. The site/URL was mostly to show you what ones are out there, in a quick form.

I hate to keep asking such basic questions, but is the vera lite have UI5? And how do those apps shown on used? In other words, do I download them onto the vera lite system through some sort of ftp protocol?

Yes, it is UI5 and you need to log in first and then click install and the app will install. Some apps require configuration with additional information to enable them to function.

Oh. So it automatically installs the software onto the vera. Since my current security system uses z-wave, can I assume it will be compatible with vera lite? Actually, I’m wondering how it will work since right now all my devices talk to my security system. Should I also pair them with the vera lite or do I just somehow pair the security system main board with the vera lite? I’m just wondering how to integrate this.

Sounds to me your alarm panel might be a 2Gig alarm panel. If that is the case, it will not work with Vera. You need to check your panel manufacturer and module number to confirm if it will work.

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Do not assume anything will automatically work because they are ZWave. Most z-wave manufactured devices will work; however, as Garrett indicated there are ones that will not. An old list of compatible device can be found here

You also have other choices to interface other than ZWave devices and alarm listed are not ZWave.

The forum is divided into a logical division around what the vera can do or how it is used. Most apps (depended on their number of posts) have their own thread, so when you get to requiring assistance on a specific app, it is best if you can find the thread and you may even find the answer to your question.

Tell us who makes your alarm panel and we can direct you from there.

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Not quite sure how to tell. I took some pictures of it, but not sure if I can post links to my dropbox. Is that allowed?

I see some white lettering on the circuit board that says DSC LTD. Then there is a white sticker that says 70008151 followed by PC501C UA196.

Other than that, I see a some white lettering on the circuit board that says “KALEX3K188”. Not sure what that means. Then, the big chip on the board has the following:

V3.25 RS3C4
0547 FQ

Could be a DSC PC5010 aka Power832. Google that and see if the pictures look familiar.

There is a plugin for some DSC panels. I’m not familiar with the model numbers personally. Sub-forum for the DSC alarm panel plugin.

If is it the PC1555 it is from the the DSC Classic series, which as far as I am aware has no z-wave interface. You indicated that the alarm system is z-wave, can you identify what components are z-wave that you have, Or are there wireless sensors being employed as part of your kit? If you can get the model/number we should be able to correct identify them.

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The “C” might be a “0” so perhaps it is a PC-5010. At least according to the sticker on the board. I have some devices hard-wired (window and door sensors). I also have some devices that are wireless (they told me they were z-wave) like thermostats, smoke detectors, and some motion sensors. What the installer told me was that the z-wave wireless devices communicate with a touchpad controller (it’s in my bedroom). The touchpad let’s me arm/disarm as well as bypass zones etc. I think the touchpad than communicates with the board using rf (maybe 2GHz). The system also connects to a netgear router which is connected directly into my cable modem. An output of the netgear then connects to my internal wireless network. So I think they are using a separate LAN to communicate with the system and allow me to control it using the Cox Home Security app on the android market. Hope this helps. Not really sure where to go from here. Is there perhaps an interface board that plugs into the PC-5010 that would talk with the Vera lite?

What does the Alarm system connect to your router with? If this is a PC5010, then normally it would use something like an IP150 or IP265.

When was this installed?

If it is a power series system, then you can interface it with Vera using an envisalink EVL3

It is a PC5010 and it does say PowerSeries. Currently, it does not connect to my router/network. The alarm company (cox) put in their own router/network so it can communicate with their servers and it talks with their cameras to send/receive video over their network. All my contacts, motion sensors, smoke detectors, etc communicate with the touch screen. The touch screen sends signals to a transceiver they mounted next to the PC5010. The transceiver connects into the PC5010. It looks like they just connected it in parallel with the other keypads that were used in my old ADT system (and they still work with the cox touchscreen).

That would be great if it interfaces to vera with the envisalink… how do I connect it?

If you look at the picture of the Envisalink:
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You’ll see that it has a small screw terminal block on it with 4x wires. These need to be connected (in parallel) with the Keypad buses… making sure to get the connections correctly matched.

Across these wires comes power, along with the data signals for the keypads… which the Envisalink uses to power itself, and to communicate with the Panels it supports.

Great. Thanks for the info. I’ll have to give it a shot. Will this definitely work with the PC5010?

Also, does this allow me to actually arm/disarm my system through the vera interface? I’m guessing not. Is it able to detect the different zones at least to allow me to set up triggers based on zone events?

Yes it will work and if you as the EVL interface you’ll be able to arm disarm through Vera, Automatically from other events, and via the eyez-on portal.

Is the eyez-on portal the best one to use for vera? Also, does this communicate with vera using z-wave. In other words, do a pair it with vera just like any other z-wave device?