Aeon Labs Home Energy Monitor v1 Install Guide

I have updated my guide for the Vera Edge running UI7. I just purchased this from Amazon for $30 and I thought I would share my install documentation to save others from the time and trouble I had getting this to work with my VeraLite.

Thank you for taking the time and putting this together! Really appreciate it.

+1 Appreciate the post




When you hooked the HEM to your machine via usb cable, what happened? Did it just sit there with a blinking red light?

I’m on a linux box and from what I can see when plugging it in, it doesn’t even trigger a usb event. Does this sound right?


When I plugged mine in, I would get a USB event and the red led on the HEM would blink.

After going on a mission to beg/borrow/steal a windows machine to try this again, I was able to confirm that neither the ARM socs nor macbooks I have will register a USB event when plugging this thing in. Lesson learned. :confused:

It’s working now though, so thanks! :slight_smile:

Hello, I just picked one of these HEM’s up on Amazon the other day and trying to configure it to work with the Vera and having issues. I did the firmware update and then paired it to Vera, it comes up with 3 Generic IO devices. I have unpaired/repaired the HEM about 1/2 dozen times now with the same results, any ideas on how to resolve this issue?


unpair again. remove batteries from HEM and restart Vera. Replace batteries and also power HEM through provided power cable. Pair again and leave it sometime. See if it solves the problem.


No batteries in HEM the entire time been using included usb power supply. I am letting it sit for awhile to see if that helps

I downgraded the firmware after seeing another post with similar issues and that didn’t work either. Let it sit over night right next to the vera with no luck l.

If you have a backup of vera before adding HEM to your system. Restore to that date and restart vera. Remove batteries and upgrade to version 6.34. Insert batteries and also connect to power and pair it again see how it goes.

Thanks for the install guide. I’m having an issue where one or both clamps stop updating after less than one day (Vera 3 UI5, Aeon HEM Gen 1 firmware v3.67). I only power it via USB since it seemed to freeze even more often with batteries (and made it harder to power cycle) and have only used reporting intervals of 30 or 60 sec. Sometimes Configure Now can get it working again but usually I need to just power cycle it. Has anyone seen this and found a fix? Thanks

Thank you for the great guide.


i have vera UI7 and I am trying to reset the meter - my interface does not have automation tab

how can i reset meter on UI 7?

On the web interface

Scenes>>>Add Scene

Step 1: Manual>>>Next Step
Step 2: Next Step
Step 3: Also, execute the following Luup code:

[code]local meterID = YOUR_METER_DEVICE_ID
local kwh = luup.variable_get(“urn:micasaverde-com:serviceId:EnergyMetering1”, “KWH”, meterID)

luup.call_action(“urn:micasaverde-com:serviceId:EnergyMetering1”, “ResetKWH”, {}, meterID)[/code]

Run the scene to reset.

when i paired my device, it ended up having 3 devices instead of one. I went and did a reset of z-wave and they are now gone. how do you pair this so there is only one device?

I’ve been playing with this thing and keep getting more pissed off.
Now I’ve tried to put each CT or clamp the opposite from the other one.
1 with the wire coming of to the left and the other to the right inside the main panel on the
main feed wires. I guess I should draw a picture to make this more clear for all. I guess also if you’re have
problems like most try to change the direction of one of the CT’s or clamps, only one and give it some time.
Now after a hour the readings have been good and the total is right.
Next lets see if it stays running for more than a few weeks.

Hope this works and helps others.

There are other posts related to the HEM V1 in the forum. Do a search for these posts.

The post before the last one in this thread stated 3 devices appeared. You should have 3 devices, 2 devices for the each of the energy clamps and one main device for the summation of the clamps.

In addition, in my case, the clamp readings kept freezing. If you look at HEM clamp devices for the frozen device by going to device/advanced/variables, you may notice that the capabilities field is blank. This is an indication that this device is not working. You can force this to start working again by selecting the main HEM device and forcing the “Configure node right now” command. This will recreate the broken device, but it will give the device a new number. Not a great solution if you have scenes or even energy reports tied to this device.

In my case, I modified the report intervals to 240 secs and this seemed to resolve the freezing issue noted above form reoccurring.