Aeon Labs Home Energy Monitor v1 Install Guide

Thanks for the guide, it works great. One note - When changing the variables , especially 103, be SURE to change from 4 byte hex to 4 byte dec. This caused me some frustration before I caught my error.

I unpaired the device, re-paired it, and now all is well.

[s]Thanks for the guide. I’m having one lingering issue:

I can’t change the value for 103-Report 3

I’ve made sure to specify 4 byte dec, but the value keeps reverting to 258. I just can’t set it to the recommended 6152.

Is anyone else having this problem?[/s]


Maybe Im not reading it right, but does that one pic actually show a 9hp gain with just a new open flow exhaust system?
Impressive if true.

OMG thank you thank you! This worked for me. Disabling the delta did the trick for me. Now all 3 meters are working perfectly and updating every 30 seconds (2 legs and the combined total).

Thanks again!

I have report group 1 (and 2) disabled and am using 6926 for report group 3.


I have report group 1 (and 2) disabled and am using 6926 for report group 3.

Did you do the firmware update? because your settings are locking my device up.

I am glad the guide worked great for everyone. You can use the same settings for UI7 and the HEM v1 is still working great on my Vera Edge. I ended up buying another one for $30 and for the 2nd HEM I put 1 clamp around the black wire (in the breaker box) going to my 2015 Leaf car charger, and the 2nd clamp around the black wire going to my Stove. This allows me to track my energy usage of whenever I charge my Leaf at night and also to see when we have the stove on. I then use the DataYours plugin to graph everything as shown in the attached picture. (And yes I do have an energy meter on my Catgenie so I know whenever my cat does her business :slight_smile: )

I have updated my guide for the Vera Edge running UI7 and also added troubleshooting steps.