add vera to another vera

Hello guys

Here is my case
I have 2 floors house
My vera is in teh GF close to my door lock
My very left room z-wave devices in the FF are not responding :frowning:
unless i get my vera closer
so i decided to add vera lite to that room and some other rooms up especially for sensors

How do you suggest to do so in Z-wave
like to use the vera lite as a REPEATER


You can not use a vera as a repeater but have that Vera control those z-wave devices and incorporate that Vera into the other vera. Do a search for bridging veras, there are a few posts explaining how to do it.


  • Garrett

I know those ways, they relay on LAN Network
I want to bridge my veras via z-wave
like from add device and add vera
i want more information on that
I dont wanna loose all my network

You can not bridge both vera’s z-wave network. That is why you have to use the bridging of the Mios Engines via the lan method.

  • Garrett

Vera doesn’t work that way, but many native Z-Wave modules do. Can you not simply fill in the Z-wave network with a couple of modules (not battery powered) to increase the density of the mesh in a few strategic locations?

Just get “any” z-wave module and put it half way on permanent power.

Maybe afibaro relais or something easy to hide, and you good to go.
Bring you one more thing to be z-waved and you bridge the gap.

Also quite alot cheaper as well.

Another idea is to upgrade the antenna on your Vera, there are a number of posts on this forum about that and the results reported have been pretty good.

I recall many have spoken of distant nodes becoming responsive again.
So at $15-20 to do it (assuming you want to, due to warrant concerns) it would be much cheaper that buying two.

What about this then (the attachment)

I will go with the options you have told me
I already have the other vera :smiley:

I have no idea what functionality you get if you add another Vera as a secondary controller to an existing Z-Wave network. Do let us know.

I have a project with 2 floors.

My option will be use 2 veras…(like recommended by micasaverde)
1st I will go add to a vera all devices of floor 2…
2nd I will go add all devices of floor 1 to another vera…
3rd I will choose the vera1 like master…and add another vera (the first one) using UPNP…

I read I will can creates scenes in vera1 using devices of vera2…it’s for me will be good.

My doubt is when I need add another device to floor2 (slave vera) it will appears on vera master automatically ???

GARRETWP, is correct this steps above ??

thanks !

You can have both veras be added to each other so that they show up on both. Any devices added to either will show up on the other automatically.

  • Garrett

Garretwp, only this question more:

But Upnp bridge must be run 2 times, one in each vera ? or only in that I choose like master ?

thank you !!!

If you want it in both directions, you need to follow the procedure on both.

  • Garrett

Understood, thanks Garretwp !

I tried this on 4 veras :smiley:
using upnp
it is a little bit slow bit it is working

is slow the bridging process or after include when you trigger a scene using devices of the 2 veras ?

after including

when triggering a scene

Do you have all four vera’s included into each other both ways? The slowness could be the fact that all four are updating when changes are happening and you are taking a small performance hit.

  • Garrett

My guess is that would work fine / you get the same functionality (but including/excluding needs to be done on the primary). Don’t know how node configuration and route optimization (‘the nightly heal’) is handled in that case.

Haven’t seen many reports on folks doing this, and haven’t tried myself. The preferred way is presumably bridging, so you get to manage everything (or most of it) on one Vera.

After testing the network
All veras are working from the same master vera
(i did an add using upnp)
the problem is that it is SLOW!you know i am facing some delays
and I only added veras one way (all to one vera)

Today one of my devices (in vera #74) is not working from the master vera but another device from the same vera (vera #74) is working :frowning:
and both are working fine from thier original vera #74

Lesson learnt:
All cameras should be added to the Master vera. Otherwise you won’t be able to see them from SQ Remote