add vera to another vera

the problem is that it is SLOW!you know i am facing some delays and I only added veras one way (all to one vera)

I have two of my VeraLite systems bridged to a third one (‘master’, if you like). It is not slow at all, indeed ALL of my remote control via iOS apps (HomeWave, etc.) go through that ‘master’ machine and the response is virtually instantaneous. I DO get delays for a short while after reloading, but this goes away quickly - it’s as though it has to establish a communications path but once it’s done then all is well. I also find that in the case of reconfiguring systems it’s worthwhile waiting a couple of days (perhaps a couple of overnight network heals) to see if things improve.

There are some real subtleties with bridged systems. In particular, if you have some classes of devices on a linked system and none of that class on the ‘master’, then some functionality will be missing. There are ways around this, by creating ‘dummy’ devices of that class on the ‘master’. See this link for further information: