7.32 Vera Firmware - Beta Release

Did you encounter any issues regarding Google Home?

I’ve a no-Google home, I’m sorry. I’ve long removed all Alexa/GHome services from my Vera and I’m currently using HA-Bridge. My Alexa’s responses are local and are faster than anything going thru the cloud.

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@Sorin as I’ve already reported, scenes based on “After/Before Sunrise/Sunset” seems to be broken. If you choose “20 minutes after sunset”, it will be converted to 00:20 and the scene will not run accordingly. This is still broken in this build.

Any known issues regarding Google Home integration after upgrading to the new firmware?

I’m discussing this with our PM team responsible for 7.32 Vera.
I’ll keep you posted.

LE: It has been replicated and reported. 1. [EPWT-3736] [Vera][WebUI][Regression] Broken schedule after editing a scene based on “After/Before Sunrise/Sunset”


I’ve exposed one of my devices (named “Test Bulb”) on my Vera Edge running FW 7.32 to Google Home (This is not my production hub).

I then asked a GH speaker to “update devices”

On my Android phone I then got a notification saying a new device had been added to GH.

Looking in the GH app I tried to find the new device that I had just added, but I can’t see it.

I then asked GH speaker to “Turn ON Test Bulb” but she says “Sorry something went wrong for the test bulb”.

So something isn’t working it appears.

EDIT: I can see “Test Bulb” in Routines when I select “Adjust lights, plugs and more” in the GH app. But I couldn’t see it in the main view, maybe it got assigned to a room and its hiding somewhere. Anyway I cannot voice control it.

EDIT2: I’ve found the “Test Bulb” device in the GH app it was hiding in the Lounge room. If I try to turn in on via the GH app nothing happens. The device does say “Not Responding” and “Offline”.

So you definitely have a problem here.

I then exposed the “Test Bulb” to Alexa.

That seems to be working OK, via voice command issued to her Alexa can turn on and off the Test Bulb.

Thanks for checking and reconfirming.
@sorin, can this Google Home issue be checked?

Thank you! I appreciate.

Will this update allow Alexa to use Vera sensors/devices as a trigger for routines?

I highly doubt they have made any improvements to the actual functionality or the Alexa skill or Google Home service.

seems no fix for fibaro shutter 3 creating 2 extra devices when paired to Vera

@sorin, can you please have the issue checked regarding Google home not working after upgrade?

Hi @Sorin, will the highlighted issues be fixed before the firmware is released as GA?

Updated 2 VeraPlus devices and one VeraEdge. Have not noticed any issue so far :smiley:

Are you using Google Home?

nah… not using this feature.

Okay, thanks. I don’t use it often so not a big problem for me but it must be fixed.

Hi guys, the Google Home issue has also been replicated and reported in our tracking system. Now, I’m not the one to say when are these issues gonna be addressed. I’ve asked about this and as soon as I have info, I’ll keep you posted.

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One would hope so, that is the purpose of a beta release is it not. But you never know with Vera. :wink:

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