3 Vera Lite Units same network...possible??

So here is my question…

Currently, I have 2 structures…2 Vera Lites Bridged…Works fine
Vera #1 - Main House
Vera #2 - Detached Garage

What I want to do…
We have a gate on the property and it’s about 300’ from my closest Vera or Zwave device. I have a wireless bridge (Ubiquiti Nano-awesome product BTW) linking my gate ip security cam back to detached building. There is power at the gate. My idea was to use the nano to send the ip cam data and Vera data back to detached garage. This would allow me to not only control the gate but also the lights on the gate and allow notifications when gate is open or closed. If I can get that working I’m sure I will come up with other uses for the Vera at the gate too LOL

Can I have 3 Vera units bridged together? I read plenty about 2 but can I bridge 3 together?

Thanks for any help!!

I think so.

Great, thanks for sharing…now you have me thinking of putting another down by the water behind the house. LOL Pleasantly addicted to the gadgets…Oh how wonderful they are…when they all work…keeps one busy :wink:

You could send @aschwalb a PM and compare notes; you might be neighbors (judging by your screen name). ;D

Good idea… :wink: Thanks…just placed my order for Vera #3