2GIG CT100 - Questions

I’ve used a Trane thermostat with my Vera in my vacation home for a few years now, and it’s been perfectly functional/reliable. However, I’ve never liked the cosmetics of it - it just looks kind of bulky sticking off the wall, and the tiny screen wih all the hard buttons makes it seem low-tech (my opinion). I noticed the new 2GIG CT100, and it looks pretty sleek (very thin profile). I’m going to be getting my primary home all z-wave’d out in a month or so and I’ll need another thermostat.

I have come across a variety of issues in the forum regarding the 2GIG CT30 thermostat, ranging from polling problems to firmware issues when you run it from HVAC power instead of batteries. What I haven’t been able to figure out is if I’ll run into the same issues with the new CT100. I intend to run the thermostat off of HVAC power, not batteries. But I’ll certainly want to be able to view current temperature and thermostat settings remotely like I can do reliably with the Trane. Does anyone have any experience with CT100 yet and/or know whether or not the issues with the CT30 have been resolved in the newer model?

Also, I may not be remembering this correctly, but is it true that when you connect the 2GIG CT30 to your z-wave network, the regular programming in the stand-alone thermostat was disabled and you HAD to use Vera to run your thermostat program(s)? I actually use the regular built-in 7-day program in my Trane for day-to-day operation, and only use Vera to switch between standard and ESM modes depending on whether I’m arriving at or leaving the weekend home, or if I want to periodically manually adjust the temperature.

Any input/comments would be appreciated. I’m OK getting another tried & true Trane thermostat, but was hoping to get something with a nicer design this time - too bad the Nest isn’t z-wave!

If you’re looking for a standard 5 or 7 day programmable thermostat that is also z-wave compatible, DO NOT BUY THIS ONE.

I was lured in by the slim form factor, and a product description that was labeled “Programmable Thermostat.” Unless I’m completely missing something (and I actually powered up the unit to test it before I attempted to install it), it’s not programmable. You can only set a target heat & cool temperature, and that’s it - no daily schedules with different temps at different times. If you want to run your HVAC entirely through Vera, with Vera controlling all of the scheduling, then it’s fine. But if you rely on a standard thermostat program most of the time, like I do, then it’s worthless. I have no interest in building a basic 5-1-1 thermostat program in Vera.

What a disappointment. Now I have to send this thing back. I guess I’m getting another Trane.

ASI - I sent you a note via your website, but you need to update your product description for this thermostat. It incorrectly states that it is 5-1-1 programmable.

Just a quick update…I returned the 2GIG CT-100 to Homeseer and purchased the newer model Trane thermostat. It turns out that while the Trane isn’t exactly slick from a design perspective, the new model is just as thin/low profile as the 2GIG, and works perfectly, so I’m very happy with it.

I had fixed this but an update to the database made it pop back up. Thanks for the reminder it has been corrected again.

Hi Sig,

Thanks for the update on the CT100. I was considering one to replace my Trane thermostat that doesn’t quite work correctly with my AC (doesn’t actually cool down to the set temperature before it turns off), but like you I want a locally programmable thermostat that is only overridden by Vera.

You mention that the “new” Trane is thinner than the old; I only see one model Trane advertised anywhere, and it appears to be the same one I bought almost a year ago. Are you talking about the RCS TZ45, the OEM version from the company that makes the Trane? Or is it actually a Trane branded thermostat but a newer model?


Does anyone know if this thermostat works with boilers? or how well it works to limit overshooting the target temp?

I would suggest contacting 2GIG.