ZXT-120 IR Extender can't send commands

Okay I am having some issues with this device, first off I already did the include and exclude and did a factory reset, It detected the device. The problem is that I can’t configure the AC IR Extender to read the Frost Air conditioner and send commands to it. Is there a way I can do it.

Uhmm I’m still new to this, and also I have seen the UI of the thermostat, it just reads the room temperature. :-\

Okay, I have already changed and did a factory reset. It just reads the room temperature. I changed the device settings node to the number given by the code list of zxt-120 version 1.5. The AC is a Panasonic and also the version of the remotec is v1.6H is there any conflict with veralite?

Did the FLIRS and also the learning mode.
After that entered the device options and added the following:

Variable Data Size Desired Value
27 2 byte dec 65
25 2 byte dec 2

I just followed this link: http://digitalhomesystems.com.au/documentation/REMOTEC_ZXT120_integration_with_Vera_20140221.pdf
and since I’m new to this I already on/off the remote of the Panasonic AC in front of the device. Even if I operate it, it just reads the temperature but not control the AC when I use the desktop version of vera and also the remote. Please help me ???