ZWN-BPC PLUS - Include/Setup

Has anyone gotten the ZWN-BPC PLUS

This is the newer model from them, its Zwave Plus. I have the older model and works great. But the new model does not seem to pair correctly. WHen I pair it as generic Zave Device, it keeps it as Generic IO device. It does not list device on the list and really should not matter. The wizard is really there to walk thru how to include, but should not matter. I have done this many times, add as generic zwave, it figures out it s a lock, motion, etc and adds it. But now, it does not know what type of device it is. I bought 3 of them, tried them all, thinking defect, but same results.

This model (Older version) is the best on the market that I have found. Really hoping to get this one added.

Last I checked, this motion did not pair or work correctly with Vera as you have reported here.
Vera seemed to be open to getting this working.
Create a ticket with the name and model for Vera to work with. They may add this to their to-do list.
Please keep us updated.

Yes, I opened ticket with Vera,I will keep this thread updated as I found out more from Vera.

Any movement on this? I have the same issue…

Can anyone recommend a ceiling mounted motion detector that works?

Hi There,
We have already finished working on it.

Please install the latest version of the app and check your devices working.

If you need any help, please contact us.

Thank you,
Ezlo Integration Team.