Zwave wireless lighting control on/off switch???

Is there a way to find a ZWave ON/OFF “double” switch??? for controlling of 2 loads (incandescents lights) for differents on/off commands? or I’ve to use 2 “normal” Zwave wall switches???

Leviton’s Vizia RF + 2-Button Scene Controller with Switches VRCS2-MR

Although, I currently have a post open as I have been unsuccessful at getting them to operate correctly. I’ve had it for over a year, but just can’t seem to narrow down the problems I’m having with it. I just recently am trying again to get it right. I haven’t seen anyone else on here that’s seems to have gotten it right either…yet I am hopeful!! All I’m saying is buyer beware before you jump on it.

Technically, it only has one hot lead that it shares with both switches and needs a neutral prior to the load for a continual power source. You can view their pdf on the link above for the wiring diagram.

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When you installed your VRCS2 you weren’t able to control neither one of your 2 loads??..what happened???

please link me to your previous post about this VRCS2 forum’s topic …I’ve to check this out and see if better not to jump on the VRCS2 ;D


It’s kind of a complicated mess that you can read on my post. I have a busy day tomorrow, but I’m going to try and start from scratch again Sunday. Failure and confusion isn’t much of an option for me. If I can just get it to perform its basic function properly in any manner possible I’ll be happy.

Ok, let me know if you have any good results from this, I’m very interested in buying a pair of VRCS2’s …then I’ll be happy too ;D


How about a double relay insert, sits behind your regular 2-gang switch.

Made by these people:

Hope this helps.

[quote=“Mutley, post:6, topic:169499”]How about a double relay insert, sits behind your regular 2-gang switch.[/quote]

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But I’ve a doubt about this product, it seems to work only with Zwave EU version (868 Mhz)???[/font][/font] :-\

I got the bugger to work!,8333.0.html

If you end up getting this switch, please follow up with me. I’m curious how the inclusion process goes for you.

Take care.