Zwave two switch in one

I am looking for a zwave switch or any switch the Vera+ supports that has two separate switches in the same bay. Any ideas?

Hello @chrlsrchrdsn,

Could you be a little more specific with the type of switch you are looking for?

Need a zwave or switch compatible with my V+ that has two light switches in the same electrical bay. I already have a double switch in that position and there are 3 more switches in the 4-gang electrical box. I can’t expand the box due to stud locations and I have no more wall room for another separate position or battery switch. So I need two switches in that one location. Thanks for replying.


We’ll try to point you in the right direction as it would take a little bit of digging to find such device. However, have you considered the Ecolink double gang smart switch DDLS2 Z-WAVE5? Although this one is battery powered. Or perhaps you’re looking for something different?

You can probably use a Aeotec or Fibaro double switch (that fits behind the manual switch) but honestly I tried one of them and didn’t particularly like how they worked and there always seemed to be a delay between usingthe manual switch and the action actually happening, but I know others like them so might be an option for you.