Zwave Stops Working on Ezlo Plus

So I just got a new Ezlo plus to replace a Vera 3 that went belly up. I’ve added several devices. Some dimmer switches, plug in outlets, my thermostat nothing out of the ordinary. Everything works fine for a while an then it just stops communicating with all my devices. Power cycle the hub and it will start working for about half a day then dies again. Did I get a defective unit or is there something else at play I need to look at?

What is the firmware version on the hub ?

In the Vera app you can look in Settings - Customer Care at the bottom of that page, it should show you the firmware version that is installed.

Firmware is

That seems a little out of date, mine is

Maybe try rebooting the hub it should auto update.

No firmware upgrade with reboot. Still the same version. Any way to force an update?

Not that I’m aware of.

@osman how can he get the hub to update?


Actually my hub is in the beta group which could explain the higher version number.

I’m not sure what the current public production version of the firmware should be?

That said however the Z-Wave devices obviously shouldn’t just stop working.

Maybe connect to the hub using an application like WinSCP the log files are in this folder:


Probably the ha-zwaved.log file, see if there are any obvious errors in there.

Found this in ha-zwaved.log

**** zwaved Restarted at Sun Feb 20 09:40:13 EST 2022

Logs folder was changed: //var/log/firmware
2022-02-20 09:40:13 INFO : addon.zwave: at-release/1817-1-g32e0fcdd4431fb8c4c26542c [2021-12-08T18:39:00+0000]
2022-02-20 09:40:13 INFO : addon.zwave: Spread: connected to “4803” with private group “#addon.zwav#localhost”
Cannot set programming mode for ZW chip!
Z-Wave stick based on EFR32ZG14 is supported
Zwave hard reset is requested
2022-02-24 17:25:52.637402 INFO : zwaveModuleResetPinAssert: Assert reset on zwave chip
2022-02-24 17:25:52.639305 INFO : zwaveModuleResetPinRelease: Deassert reset on zwave chip
2022-02-24 17:25:53.140748 INFO : Zwave reset is completed
2022-02-24 17:25:53.142571 INFO : ZWave stack initialized successfully
2022-02-24 17:25:56.002773 INFO : Home ID: 0xC18DC7BC Node ID: 1

So after watching the ha-zwaved.log for a while, it appeared as though one of my devices was continually communicating with the hub and appeared like this (not this device as I removed the offending device to see if that resolved the issue).

INFO : znetNodeCmdConfiguration (node id: 2, channel id: 0, param: 3, value: 2)

The device was a an Aeotec Nano Dimmer ZW111-A. When I added it, it added a the dimmer and a heat sensor which I never had in my Vera 3. Not sure if there is an issue with the implementation of this device or it didn’t add correctly.

I’m about 12 hours since rebooting and removing it and everything is still working. Going to see how it goes. If everything continues to work I may add it back in and see if the hub fails again.

Thanks for your help!

They are saying the Heat Sensor thing is expected in some devices. Apparently Fibaro Dimmer 2 also adds a Heat Sensor child device on Ezlo hubs.

It’s to do with the Overheat alarm on these devices apparently.

Although I’m still not convinced we need a full child device in the main GUI for them.

Since removing the Aeotec Nano dimmer, I haven’t had any issues. I have a case open with support but as stated by others they seem really behind. Maybe they’ll find something when they get around to looking at it. It’s not a critical device for me so I can deal without for now.

Most of the staff are in Ukraine I think.

We do have a sizeable workforce in Kharkiv who are under Russian attack at the moment.
Some of our employees’ buildings (living in apartment block) has been shelled by the Russian army and they have relocated to safe location. Thankfully they are all safe in shelters now. We are doing everything possible within our power to help brothers and sisters in Ukraine!


Certainly anything here is irrelevant in light of the challenges facing your team and their families. Great to hear they are safe and pray they continue to be.


They do care about our users and customers…
They are, even as we speak, trying to coordinate so that they can work again…some from their shelters…

Most important they and their loved ones stay save under these horrid conditions. I hope all come to their senses soon and all can rebuild their normal free lives. Stay save.


Oh my goodness! Our hearts go out to the Ezlo Ukraine team and all the people of Ukraine. Thankful that they are safe for now but hope and pray that sanity and peace prevail soon!


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