zwave smartlock that can arm disarm dsc alarm?

Looking for solution so dsc plus vera would arm when lock closed and disarm when door is open.

Tricky. I hvae 2 doors. So any of 2 door locks must disarm dsc.

Also deadlock must support smartphone proxymity and have keys for kids to enter-disarm.



The integration of the Z-wave lock can act as a trigger to disarm your DSC alarm albeit via the standard Vera Scene or more complex requirements utilising PLEG.
Currently, I am not aware of any look that embed multiple radio to integrate with Vera Z-wave and an alternative such as BLE for proximity; however, there are several apps that can enable this function.

Refer,37299.0.html for a recent thread on this subject

Hi there and thank you for reply.
I am in kind of rush, due to our long trip to Europe so I want to have security before we go.

I read other topics, that one you suggested is not covering my questions.

My assumption was that proxymity is not an issue. We can forget about it.

But let me ask more detailed questions:
I dont want to touch DSC keypad to arm-disarm, rather do it from smartphone or from lock.
I read here - Electronic Locks - Keypad or Touchscreen Electronic Door Locks | Kwikset

So would I be able to arm with 1 button touch from the lock?
And disarm from the lock when I open it?

This will cause another issue - when I am in home and I lock doors from inside I dont want system armed, as I have motion detector only.

So it leads to 2 scenes:

  1. I am going out so when outside I push button on lock or use app to lock both doors and system armed.
  2. I am inside and close doors from internal knob or from app and alarm is not armed

Is it achievable?

Also I need to choose ZWave locks asap. My first recommended vendor was August, here I read a lot about kwikset.
Finally many people said kwikset is not good at all and recommended yale or schlage.

So I am stuck and need to order asap.

Thanks a lot…

I have a dsc alarm, and i use a scene that when the garage door is opened, it disarms the alarm system.
this is so we don’t have run into the house to disarm.
I realize this is not best practice as far as safety goes, but my location is minimal risk and works for us.
so, i think you can do what you want with a few scenes.
however i am curious about your request
“Looking for solution so dsc plus vera would arm when lock closed”
my basement door is normally closed and locked, but i wouldn’t always want the alarm set when it’s in this state.
can you offer more specifics about your usage?

my reco for the door lock is schlage BE469NXVCAM619

I’ve been pretty happy with it. don’t think it has smartphone proximity but i just use an app on my phone to open it if i am not by the door to press the keys to unlock it.
can you provide the use case for the phone proximity?

“Looking for solution so dsc plus vera would arm when lock closed”

  • So again, if I go out I want system to be able to arm from lock with a push of a button. Kiwkset said its possible. Only if I want to. Cause sometimes I may go out and family still in.

"can you provide the use case for the phone proximity? "

  • Proxymity is useful in 2 cases:
  1. I approach house and want doors to unlock and system disarm.
  2. My kid comes from school and with fob/tag door and alarm would go off. Sure he could enter code in worst case.

what you are trying to do is achievable regardless of the lock you select… im running with the kwickset and its a decent unit.

the key is during your setup of the lock you should have TWO lock codes created… one code to be used during scene creation that places the alarm into STAY arm, and the other code for AWAY arm.

I am also assuming you are running an EVL link that allows your alarm to be linked with VERA…

You should review posts
DSC and EVL setup
The DSC plugin will need to have remote arm/disarm function enabled

Your scenes will use the code entered into the lock as the trigger for your scenes =stay and arm

basically it is doable as i am running this setup…

I am using Kwikset 914 z-wave for 1.5 year and it has been working flawlessly.