ZWave settings in the advanced tab

Hey guys,

I couldn’t find what exactly the checkboxes “embedded”, “restricted” and “disabled” do. I can set them for devices, but I’m unsure what happens if I do so.

Any thoughts on this one?

Hi pebu,

Here is the link to the page I got this info from:


As for the other devices, here is the explanation from the source code:

[ul][li]restricted: This can only be accessed through a secure channel.[/li]
[li]disabled: The device is disabled.[/li][/ul]

Hope this helps.

Thanks for the link, it’s a great source of information.

What exactly does disabled do? Will vera stop polling/configuring it? Will it be removed from routing tables?

The reason: I have this device that is shown as an binary switch, but in reality it’s a wallswitch that operates remote devices. So, it shows up in the lists as a device that is able to be turned on/off, but that is obviously not possible. I’d like to remove it from those lists, but still be able to configure it and have it be part of the mesh network as it plays an important role in the routing to some remote devices.

What brand/model is this device?


It CAN be used as a local switch, but I’ve got one that I use as a remote switch only.

I would still like to know what “disabled” really does.

Currently this flag does nothing. Probably it was planned to be implemented, but it hasn’t been yet.

What about embedded?

If a device is embedded, it means that it doesn’t have its own room or exist as a separate device. It should be considered part of its parent. Like a 3-in-1 sensor is a device with 3 embedded child devices.

Ahhh! I get it. :slight_smile: