Zwave not working on VERA Plus


I’ve had a VERA Plus for about two years now.
Last night I updated the unit to the latest firmware. Since then non of my zwave devices work.
It’s come down to me making a hardwire reset… but it seems I still can’t include zwave devices on it.

If I use the interface everything looks like it should but when I try to pair it with a fibaro wall plug nothing happens (and yes, I’ve reset the wall plugs also… I’ve tried with 3 of them and trying to plug them in next to the vera).

If I use the buttons on the Vera unit (Select to cycle to zwave and then press sync to include) the zwave light just stays on. It does not blink.
If I do the same thing with Zigbee instead the light blinks for inclusion as it should (I dont have any Zigbee devices so I can’t test if it works).

Grateful for any help!

ello Kainen, I checked with my colleagues from the CC department, it seems that your issue was resolved.

Let us know if you need further assistance!