ZWave Long Range

Question to Melih & team

Now that zwave alliance has announced this, will vera (existing or future) support the zwave long range ?

Hi @amg0.
We are waiting for the release of this feature and planning to launch it as a part of functionality for all our hubs based on Zwave chip 700 Series Ezlo Hubs.

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thanks, is vera secure based on chip 700 ?

Vera secure is not based on 700 Series chip.
Only new Ezlo hubs are based on 700 Series chip.

To follow-up on this question posed 3 years ago.

Do the current Ezlo hubs support Z-wave long range?
I was looking at the " ZOOZ 800 SERIES Z-WAVE PLUS XS OPEN | CLOSE SENSOR ZSE41 800LR" sensor, and the manufacturer says:

  • Z-Wave Long Range ready: extend the wireless coverage up to 1300 feet (line of sight) if your hub supports Long Range

So, can I use this specific sensor with Ezlo AND get 1300 feet?

Thank you.