Zwave-ing outdoor light

Hello again, another question.

I currently have 2 outdoor lights at the front door of my house, they are on the same circuit. The light switch indoors feeds a PIR sensor, which both lights are connected 2. So when the PIR sensor is tripped when it’s dark, the lights come on for a certain period, like any standard PIR light. This is fine but what I would really like to do is have the ability to have the light come on when it’s dark, then stay on for a certain period then go off later in the night. I kind of anticipated using some sort of dusk till dawn sensor but not sure if this is the right use for that. I’d like to be able to manually override it if necessary etc.

Is there anything zwave-able that could replace the PIR sensor, that can have 2 loads connected to it, that could do the job?

Edit: There is not really any way to put a fibaro switch behind the existing switch at this time because the box is not deep enough, and I have just had that room decorated so digging out and fitting a deeper box is not going to happen ideally!

Sounds like you want to replace the Indoor Switch with a Z-Wave switch.

You can then get a battery powered Z-Wave Motion sensor … If you get the multi-sensor you also get an outdoor temp sensor.

You can have the motion sensor control the light directly through hardware level Z-Wave associations … or have Vera do it as a scene.

the problem is that the PIR sensor would still be in the circuit so the circuit would only work when the PIR sensor is tripped, so adding a zwave switch would be useless. Plus there are no good zwave switches in the UK, need to use fibaros etc.

You can remove the existing PIR sensor … for about 30 cents you can get a plug (Lowes, Home Depot, Ace Hardware …) to seal where the existing PIR is plugged in.

not always that easy in the UK.

Plus how do join the wires which would just be handing in mid air out doors if i just remove the PIR?

[quote=“technoholic, post:5, topic:185941”]not always that easy in the UK.

Plus how do join the wires which would just be handing in mid air out doors if i just remove the PIR?[/quote]

Get a small weatherproof plastic or metal box from Maplin. Screw it to the wall over the cables and seal the hole with silicone sealer. Use a terminal strip (aka chocolate block) to join the wires.

Cool, i considered something like that, but didn’t know if that was “ok and safe” and meets regs etc.

I sometimes mount a Fibaro module in the box too.

You can buy regulation weather-proof junction boxes. I think Screwfix has them.

oh ok, so I could then put a fibaro relay inside one of those and do the whole lot in one place?

You certainly could. As long as the box is weather-proof and you seal where the cables enter, it should be fine.