Zwave - How to add Wink Zwave radios to the Zwave network

I have a Vera Edge, and 2 Zwave motion sensors, and 3 Wink Hubs. I am having some zwave network issues after moving my Vera Edge to my network cabinet. After issuing a stress test repair, it looks like Vera hub is only talking to the two battery operated motion sensor, so how do I get my Wink hubs to join in the network are Zwave repeaters?

Wink hubs don’t talk to VERA those are two seperate controllers. Why you have 3 wink hubs I also don’t know.

There is a Wink Plugin that allows some communication from VERA to the wink using the internet by logging into your wink account. But that doesn’t allow you to use the wink as a direct z-wave repeater.

If you z-wave motions are no longer working after moving the vera. you need to run a heel. BUt if you really only have 2 devices and they are battery powered (don’t repeat) your mesh network is lacking.

There’s a Wink Controller app available for Vera that will let the Vera control some devices that are connected to your Wink hub. You can’t use the Wink hub as a Zwave repeater, but you could connect some Zwave devices to it and others directly to Vera…if you wanted.