Zwave fan/light combo?

Has anyone ever seen an actual zwave fan/light combo switch? I had all ge switches in my old house, with my vera lite. This meant i had one switch for the light, and one for the fan. I saw the caseta the other day (not zwave), and that is what i want. Why do they not make this in zwave?

This device: Red Series Fan and Light Switch | Z-Wave | Inovelli looks somewhat similar, but with one caveat: it doesn’t control the light and fan directly. Rather, it communicates to a unit installed in the fan housing to do the control.

This is a good thing in the event (like me) that you only have a single power wire running up to the fan, such that a switch turns on/off both, as it allows the switch to control them separately, however if you already have separate switches/control wires, it may not be ideal.

It is currently out-of-stock, but they tell me it should be back in stock “maybe end of Q1 2022”, so perhaps soon.

I used to have two seperate GE paddle switches in the room. One was for the fan, and it can control the speed by holding up and down. The second was for the light. I wanted to use only a single switch, but i would rather have a dual use switch, unfortunately I dont think I want to “jury rig” it. Guess i will just put two switches. :frowning:

Look at the Zooz Zen30 switch. It has a dimmer for control of one load and a binary on off switch for a second load all in a single gang format. I am using it to control two different lights but you could use for a fan and light as long as you only need dimming on one load. I was able to connect it to my Ezlo Plus as a generic device BUT the second, binary, load switch does not report status correctly. I requested integration of this device and support responded that they were buying a unit and would integrate it. This was about 30 days ago. In the meantime, the Zen 30 contnues to work, both manually and in scenes, with both loads being able to be switched on and off.

I would need dimmers on both. Unfortunately i am going to use the ge paddle switches for both again. I wish they would make visible lights on the side, showing the power that the device is set at. Thanks for the info though

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