ZWAVE Distance less than 4 feet - nothing is working

I’ve been using Vera2 for over a year without issue. Have about 30 devices or so. Added a Vera3 into the mix about 3 months ago. About 2 nights ago all of the ZWAVE devices started to fail. So I started playing, adding devices to the 3 and removing from the 2, etc… No matter what I do I can’t get things to work beyond 5 feet or so. If I put Vera in the room I seem to hit the thermostat and lights but can’t see a switch in the next room only 3 feet away. I’m also not able to re-link one of my Trane thermostats - it removed from the network without issue but won’t be added to a new one.

I’ve gone around and shut down all of the wireless devices in the house and no change. I also took a brand new module or two and added them to see if that would make a difference and again 5 feet away they don’t work.

I’m at a total lose, hoping that someone else has experienced something like this and can help in some way.

If you feel confident enough, open up the Vera 3 unit and check to make sure that the antenna is not disconnected from the board. I have seen this happen to a few.

  • Garrett

So after 40 + hours and little sleep I’ve finally found the issue. I have a wall switch on the second floor of my house that seems to have gone bad. I killed the power via the panel breaker and everything went green and is working again. Not sure if anyone else has ever experienced this before, but it caused huge issues across the board.

What make/type of switch caused the problem??

It was a GE appliance wall switch - think I got it back in the day of the Radio Shack clearance.

Not really sure what happened but it created so much noise / interference that I was not able to control anything within 50+ feet of it. My Trane Thermostat that sits about 1 foot north of the switch - I thought it was bad as I was able to remove the device from the network but nothing I did would allowed me to add it back. So after a few days I removed the thermostat thinking it might be that, when nothing changed I put it back and killed the power to the wall switch and everything worked immediately.

Has anyone else ever had this problem?

On a positive note - I’ve now moved over to my new Vera3 unit and UI5 - and after some playing I have everything working and all seems well and faster than UI4/Vera2. This includes 2 door locks, 1 alarm system, Ted5000, 5 IP Cameras, 3 Thermostats and about 25 or so wall switches, outlets and modules. I’ve been able to figure out everything I was doing in the UI4 and make it work under UI5.

So glad for your success! Yes others have reported problems with a misconfigured/misbehaving module screwing up thier network, different types of devices have been implicated