Zwave Dimmer Switch Associated with Hue Dim Level?

I have just learned that you can’t use zwave dimmer switches with Hue bulbs. I do want the ability to dim at the wall however. The idea I found was to wire the Hue bulbs directly so they are always on, then wire the zwave dimmer switch so it has power but nothing on the load side. Then associate the dim level on the switch with the dim level of the hue bulbs. Does anyone have practical experience with this?

To associate the dim level of a ZWave dimmer to a hue bulb, you would need to set up scenes or Lua startup code.

With the price of a hue dimmer switch being (usually) less than the cost of a Z-Wave switch, it would make more sense to get a hue dimmer switch instead… It is battery operated and does not require an rewiring. It can control one or more of your hue bulbs directly, and the state of the hue bulbs are still shown on you Vera (via one of the hue/hue2/althue plugins) without any scenes/Lua that could potentially fail.