Zwave delays

After anywhere from 1-4 days, my zwave network experiences delays. From what I can tell the delay is always about 25 seconds once it starts occurring. Any commands I send are delayed for this long before it gets to the device and a response occurs. This persists until I do a “Reload Engine” within ZWave settings on the web interface.

I’d very much like to find the cause of this and fix it.

If that can’t be done it would be nice to find a way to perform that ZWave “Reload Engine” web request in a script. Could anyone help me with that? Is there a URL I could use in a script to trigger a ZWave “Reload Engine”?

I didn’t really provide enough information for anyone to help you.
Which Vera do you have?
Which firmware version are you running?
How long ago was your Z-Wave network installed and how many Z-Wave devices is it comprised of?
How many plugins do you have installed?
Did you at any time enable the Ergy plugin?
Was this Vera previously working or has this behavior always occurred(new install)?
Have you made any MACs(moves, adds, changes)?

The fact that the issue is resolved by reloading the engine suggests that this may be a memory exhaustion issue, but more information would be required to confirm that.

It is possible to schedule an automatic reload using several different methods and these are discussed here in the forums. But, I would strongly advise against this. Your Vera should not need it. Proper working Veras need no such crutches.

As always, contacting Vera support is also a good option.

I have a Vera Edge running firmware 1.7.1598

The installl is only about 2 months old. I have 65 devices. Mostly light leviton switches/dimmers. I also have 3 keypads, and a door/window sensor.

I don’t have any plugins installed.

I’m not 100% sure, but I think the behavior began when the firmware upgraded from 1.7.1569 to 1.7.1598

I have removed and added devices at a few points. I didn’t realize this could be disruptive.

Are there any steps I could take to fix? Should I tear down the zwave network and rebuild it from scratch?

[quote=“mbelleville, post:3, topic:190417”]I’m not 100% sure, but I think the behavior began when the firmware upgraded from 1.7.1569 to 1.7.1598[/quote] Ok. Though I’m unaware of this firmware causing this problem, this may be meaningful.

I have removed and added devices at a few points. I didn't realize this could be disruptive.
It shouldn't, but when a problem arises, any and all changes should be considered/examined as a possible source of the problem.
Are there any steps I could take to fix?
Perhaps. If you have no plugins, then my initial suspicion of a memory issue is unlikely. None the less, if you are able, check your memory usage. There are a few plugins that will provide this information, including System Monitor, but I would not encourage the installation of plugins if you suspect that you already have a memory problem. Memory use can also be checked form the command line, via an SSH session using the [i]top[/i] command and the [i]free[/i] command.
Should I tear down the zwave network and rebuild it from scratch?
No. I don't think so. This should rarely ever be necessary and it is unlikely to resolve this issue. It's also a lot of work for 65 devices! Unless you see a memory issue, that you can resolve, I'd suggest opening a support ticket.

Reloading the engine to fix the problem sounds like memory, but you should not have a memory issue with no plugins, unless you enabled Ergy. The other common issue is a routing change introducing a bad route and a delay, but reloading the engine does not resolve that issue, so I don’t think that this is what you are facing either.

Sorry I’m unable to provide a quick answer.

Does this happen with every device or only after a certain one is first?

I have noticed that if I have a device that is out of range, or on the edge and is slow to respond to a poll back. The devices that follow will all be delayed.

Same happens if you sending a command like say all off and your turing off 20 devices or more. If the first one take while to turn off, then to poll back and say I’m off then the next one could take up to 30 sec for it to even start.

Can you explain more on what the slow down is and how you can produce it? Is this just one single device you try to change and it takes for ever?

I can’t seem to relate it to any device in particular. I just notice when the delay starts occurring. I will usually notice the delays have begun first thing in the morning, indicating that the delays began some time overnight. However, that is not 100% consistent. Delays can start occurring midafternoon or any other time. Once the delays begin they will continue until I do a “Reload Engine”. The delay occurs on every device and every event. Even on my door/window sensor, when it is tripped I don’t see the event till ~25 seconds later, and again when it is untripped, I don’t see that till ~25 seconds after it occurs. Same thing for when I send click a light switch manually. Vera doesn’t know I turned it on til ~25 seconds later.

Ok, Doesn’t seem to be anything I was leaning torwards. Checking the LOGs and or posting them may help.

A Call to VERA and let them look into it could also be easier for you depending on your skill and patience’s levels.

I had some similar problems when I had a device going bad. Have you had any single device giving you troubles that way? I had a GE room switch that suddenly wouldn’t work even locally until I reset it. Then the problems would start up again after a few days.

Had to ultimately replace it.