ZWave configuration settings help

I have a Honeywell Z-wave thermostat that has and uses an external thermometer. The readings from this thermometer are not displayed but I’d like to be able to retrieve them. I have an XML file from Honeywell that describes all the settings and readings capabilities of the thermostat. Does this part of the file provide the information needed in order to set up a configuration setting that will retrieve the thermometer reading? I’d like to know about the flags included there too.

  <Name>Outdoor Temperature</Name>
  <Description />

You should set param 3 to 1, according to this XML. I don’t know where this will be reported, but you could try.

OK - after looking at this a bit more - and seeing the possible values (ConfigurationParameterValues) I think configures whether or not the sensor is connected. I used a configuration setting to monitor this parameter and its value comes back as 1. So it may be that I cannot get the outdoor temperature reading.