ZW122 water sensor on 7.31 firmware

Hi all,

I’ve not upgraded from 7.29 yet, but have the above sensor and wondered if, since its now supported natively in 7.30 onwards, whether when its used with the dock, its possible to detect which remote sensor is either immersed in water? Hoping to upgrade to the next beta when that’s released, since things appear to have stabilised a lot.


I cannot seem to get parameters to transfer across. Namely so I can set the buzzer to only go off when water is detected, that way it doesn’t sound when bumped etc…

Im on the latest firmware in vera on an Edge… not sure if that is of any help to you. The sensors work fine straight after add including temp, just can’t seem to add parameters. Have reset it after unpairing and then added it within 1m of the vera and then held the button for 3 seconds to wake up for 10 minutes prior to setting… have tried setting and then waking up… nothing seems to work…