ZTS-110 installation help


I’m trying to replace my current thermostat (Honeywell CT3611) for a ZTS-110 thermostat. I have a heat pump for cold and hot air and a furnace which should kick in as second stage heating. It’s supposed to heat alone when external temperature is -12 Celsius. I believe this is achieved on the furnace itself with a trigger from the electric meter outside (higher electricity rates apply when outside temperature is below -12).

I attached the picture of the current wire connections.

Here is what I tried on the ZTS-110 (in this setup, stage 1 doesn’t seem to heat and stage 2 only kicks the Heatpump in, not the furnace):

CT3611 - COLOR - USAGE - ZTS110

C - light blue - Common - C
R - Red - 24V - Rh/Rc
W2 - White - Aux Heat Relay (Furnace) - W2
E - Brown - Emergency - N/A (left it unplugged)
W1/Y - Yellow - Compressor(Y) and Stage 1 Heat Pump Relay(W1) - B/Y
O - Orange - Cooling Relay (Heat Pump) - O
G - Green - Fan Relay - G


Honeywell thermostat user guide: http://www.gogeisel.com/geiselonline/support/Honeywell/CT3611.pdf

Can someone tell me what I did wrong?


I’m joining the image of the connection I tried.



I got it, took out the multimeter to find out how the other thermostat would react and I redid the connections almost the same way but without the Y jumped to the B (w1 in my old thermostat), et voil?..

So maybe it was just a bad connection, loose wire, the only weird part is that now I have a 12V signal on the white cable (second stage) when in stage 1, but it’s not enough to trigger the furnace relay as far as I can tell. It used to be around 6V with the honeywell thermostat.

Now I know a little more than I did yesterday 8)