ZRTSI Nodes not configuring / updating

I previously had my roller shades working with a ZRTSI and the Leviton USB as the primary controller, but I just swapped the Vera to primary, and now the Vera can’t seem to communicate with or update the nodes. I’ve tried updating and clicking the “configure node now” button, but it appears that the ZRTSI doesn’t respond, so Vera times out with an “Unable to get information…” error. Are there any tricks to getting the nodes to configure? Do I need to have the ZRTSI in programming mode (yellow light solid or blinking?) when attempting to configure? Thanks!

if all fails, you can always exclude and re-include.

Yea, I’ve tried to exclude them, but the Vera never does the exclude for either the individual nodes or the main node - it just keeps fast flashing after I hit the “S” button, and doesn’t recognize the exclude command. I also tried manually deleting each node from Vera, and re-including, but the Vera never “sees” the new nodes when I try to include, which leads me to believe they weren’t excluded. I’ll try a factory reset on the ZRTSI and see if that works.

I’d do the exclude from the UI. if you are using UI5 go to Add Devices / Advance Z-Wave Devices and do an exclude from there. deleting the device doesn’t exclude it.