Zooz Zse11 4-1

I have several LUX sensors that Ezlo states are supported by their logic.
I have lights that are controlled by the amount of light that these sensors see.
Myt issue is that the LUX parameter if used in a meshbot never works correctly.
IF the LUX parameter is removed the lights work properly, this makes no sence to me since Ezlogic reportsd that LUX is present and there is no day or time that is involved.
Simple if LUX < than 40 whether it be % or a decimal number makes no difference, the lights will not work but on an occasion and maybe 2 or 3 times and that is it
I evenj have seen the EZlogic dashboard show the kitchen light is ON but the light is not really ON and other times it shows the light is OFF but it is really ON .
Just no consistency in the logic what so ever.
This has been going on for more than a year and have been told people are working on the issue but still the same.
Also have been told by Tech support they Exlo, has an issue with Zooz sensors.
I just need the damn thing to work as it should
never had an issue when I used my Vera, to bad it quit working and no replacements could be found…