Zooz Zen32 scene controller

Add support for this scene controller. It’s a perfect fit.

Hey @jr4div2!

Thank you for your request. We’d like to let you know that the Zooz ZEN32 scene controller is already integrated into the platform with known issues when the device is paired with S2 authentication security method. This has already been reported and our team is currently working to get it resolved. Although this device seems to pair and work without problems without encryption. If you need additional help, let me know.

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When you say it is already integrated, when I went to add the device, I did not find the Zen32 in the natively supported devices. I added it as a generic device and all I see is the main switch. There appears to be no way to get at the functions of the 4 scene buttons. Am I missing something? I am running UI7 1.7.5186 (7.31).


We apologize for the misunderstanding. The device is integrated with the Ezlo controllers, but it is not with Vera.

We would like to let you know that at the moment, we are not receiving new integration requests for Vera controllers.

Let us know if you have any other questions.

After help from the Ezlo team, we got the controller sort of integrated. After some experimentation, I am now able to use reactor to trigger on sl_CentralScene updates and the value to determine which button of the lower 4 are pressed and using state variables, I can activate one scene to turn on and another scene to turn off. It’s not the full capabilities of the controller, but it’s enough for me.


Is there any documentation that could help to set up and Ezlo with a Zen32? I bought one and have it installed correctly based on the fact that it is on the Ezlo ‘integrated’ list – but when I asked Ezlo support the question above, they just sent me a link to MIOS documentation and told me to contact Zooz support (though they don’t even show Ezlo as a supported platform, so I feel like I’m stuck. Any help from the community – or from Ezlo in getting the device properly integrated so associations to the scene controller buttons can happen in the app and aren’t an engineering exercise – would be MUCH appreciated!

I got things working and created a video sharing what i did. Sharing here in case it is helpful to others. Setting up a Zooz Zen32 Scene Controller in Ezlo Plus - YouTube


Great video and feedback. (note taken!)

@melih @osman

I’ve mentioned this before about Scene Controllers on the Ezlo hubs and there being no central location to assign the buttons on the scene controller to particular scenes.

As kinda stated in his YouTube video, instead you have to make the trigger of each desired scene a button X was pressed trigger. Manually one by one by editing each scene etc.

(Although the user created new Meshbot scenes with button triggers and an action to run another Meshbot which was probably an uneeded extra step.)

In Vera UI7 web GUI this was much easier.

As in Vera UI7 you instead selected the actual Scene Controller device and in its settings you then had a page a central location where you could assign buttons to scenes. And you could easily view later in one location, which buttons had been assigned to which scenes.

This way is much more logical and intuitive for the end user to do…

Where as on your Ezlo hub the user would have to remember which scenes were assigned and edit those scenes individually and their trigger.

If you go in to device settings of a scene controller on the Ezlo hub / Ezlogic and the mobile apps, there is no way to see or assign buttons to particular scenes / meshbot rules.

For example here is an Aeotec Minimote scene controller on my Vera Plus. You use the “Select Scenes for device buttons” option.

Device number 69 in this case is the Aeotec Minimote, so I am in the devices settings.

You cannot currently do this for Scene controller devices paired to an Ezlo hub.

In your video you created new Meshbot scenes and in the action of your scene you were then running the desired Meshbot scene.

You could of just edited the desired Meshbot scene and added in the button press trigger.

Thus needing less Meshbot scenes etc.

Ok this is interesting in the latest dev build MIOS Android app when going into a Scene Controller device paired to the Ezlo Plus I can actually see which Meshbots I previously setup button press triggers for manually.

However I cannot see a way in here to assign a different Meshbot scene to a button?

If I press the Plus button I just get a new Meshbot scene creation page, which is not what I expected.

Previously in the other Vera mobile app I dont recall you could see this list of assigned scenes.

Looking now in the Vera mobile app I see a similar thing to the MIOS app.

But again no way to assign a button to an existing scene?

In the Vera mobile app connected to a Vera firmware hub and looking at a Scene Controller device, I do see this. “Set Button Action”.

However pressing this I just get a blank screen.

So seems its not possible in the mobile apps for both Vera and Ezlo hubs to assign buttons to scenes when within the actual Scene Controller device. EDIT: When using Android apps

Which is why we always used the Vera UI7 web GUI to do this instead, as shown in my first screen shots above.

Or I see this page with nothing to do.

It’s works in the Vera mobile app for Apple iOS whilst connected to a Vera firmware hub.

Using “Select scenes for device buttons” option.

When the Vera iOS app is connected to an Ezlo firmware hub it’s different.

There is an option named “Buttons Control”.

However you cannot assign a button to a scene from here.

It just shows you what types of interactions the buttons support and does nothing.

If instead you select “Scenes” from this screen

You get your list of previously configured scenes, but no way to assign a button to a scene.

And again if you press the Plus button in the top right hand corner, you just get a new Scene creation page.

So to conclude and in summary.

Web UI’s:

  • Vera UI7 has button to scene assignment within a Scene Controller devices settings area.

  • Ezlogic does NOT have button to scene assignment within a Scene Controller devices settings area.

Vera / MIOS Mobile App:

Whilst Connected to a Vera firmware hub (Vera Plus)


  • Seems to be broken and not working. Pressing the “Set buttons action” option I get either a blank black page or a page with just the title heading “This button(s) method(s) and script(s) following(s)” and nothing else is on this page.

Apple iOS

  • Works perfectly as expected by using “Select scenes for device buttons” option…

Whilst Connected to an Ezlo firmware hub (Ezlo Plus)


  • Does not work, no option or way to assign a button to a scene, whilst within the Scene Controller devices settings area.

Apple iOS

  • Does not work, no option or way to assign a button to a scene, whilst within the Scene Controller devices settings area.

I much prefer how this works with Vera firmware hubs. With a central area within the Scene Controller devices settings to assign buttons to scenes.

On the Ezlo hubs it seems more clunky, with no such central area to manage the button assignments. Instead you have to individually edit each scene / meshbot and its trigger.

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I just created a feature request for you Service Desk

Speak to Osman he and his team are aware.

I’ve been told they will add this feature on to the road map for Ezlo firmware hubs.

Seref and his team and going to look at the problem with the Android apps and with Vera firmware hubs.