Zooz Zen30 dual switch still doesn't report status properly

Quite a while ago I had requested that the Zen 30 dual function switch be integrated and supposedly it was. I went to install a new Zen 30 yesterday and found that it is still not a listed device however it did properly install as a generic z-wave device, creating a device for the dimmer, a device for the second (binary) switch (and a device for a scene controller that shows up on the apple Vera mobile app but not the ezlogic web interface).

My issue is, the second switch device does not report its current state or status in either the mobile app or the web interface dashboard. The label will change immediately on the mobile app when the switch is turned on - the label will from “off” to “on” but it does not remain that way for more than a few seconds (a refresh?) before changing back to off even though the device is still on. And the light bulb icon never lights.

The second device is controllable manually without issue and the meshbots I have for the device are working properly so the Ezlo controller is in communication with both the primary (dimmer) and secondary device. The primary device reports status properly, both the label and the icon.
While happy the device appears to be working, I am not happy with the lack of feedback on the state of the device.

Any ideas from the community or from the support staff?

Hello @ram

We sent you an internal message to create a ticket so that we can investigate further and give you a more accurate answer.

have not seen any internal response so far. is it possible you are using an outdated email address?