Zooz Zen17 device

Does anyone here have a Zooz Zen17 device and successfully included it into their controller in a fashion that separates the Sensors Inputs and Relays? I am looking to use the Zen17 to control my garage door. The main difference between a Zen16 and a Zen17 is that you are supposed to be able to completely separate the sensor inputs from the relays. Over on a different HA controller thread they were able do this and the device would create four child nodes. Two sensors and Two relays. I’ve been going back and forth with Zooz support and no matter what I try, based on their setting recommendations, I only get 2 child nodes, which appear to be the relays only. I’m hoping that someone here has done this and can help.


I ended up buying a HE controller and moving the Zooz Zen17 over to that hub. Configuring the device identical to the way I configured it within the Vera Plus, four child devices were properly created. I reported this to Zooz this morning. It would appear to me that their drivers or configs that get downloaded have a bug in them. The sensors report backwards on the Vera as well. The reverse sensor reporting was a bug in their firmware and has been resolved, but it would appear that it’s still a bug within Vera. I wires my reed switch as NO and it reported Closed on the Vera. When reporting to the HE hub, it reported Open, as I would have expected it to.

FYI for anyone looking to add a Zen17 to their Vera. I heard back from Zooz support tonight. They were able to replicate the issues and have now added a disclaimer to the “Works with” section for the Zen17. They also stated that due to the Vera platform being replaced by Ezlo and there’s no way to get the product integrated on the old mios platform anymore. I would expect that bugs would be able to be resolved/updated. Hopefully Ezlo will allow Zooz to get things updated.

Hi, We can not find this device listed for sale either on amazon.

Can you please provide a link where we can buy it?

(Any device requested for integration should be commercially accessible).

Thank you,
Ezlo Integration Team.

The device is easy to find commercially, check for Zooz universal relay Z17. Amazon is an example where it can be found.

Since I also want the inputs to report (and not be linked to the relays), I contacted Zooz support. It is possible, here is the answer I received.

Quote: In order to have separate control of the inputs and outputs, you would need to change parameters 2 and 3 to a value between 4-11, then you’ll need to exclude and re-include the device (without changing any settings) so that a child device is created for the input of your choice.

The most recent ‘Vera’ instruction datasheet of the web site has also this information (see the yellow highlight buried in page 4)

I have a ZEN17 and have performed the suggested steps to separate the inputs from the relays. But it doesn’t seem to make a difference. I still have three devices the main ZEN17 device and two relays. They all appear as binary lights. It’s easy to change the outputs to relays but I still don’t have the two inputs showing up.
I now occasionally get notifications that the relays are being tripped.