Zooz Z-Wave Plus RGBW Dimmer

Has anyone had luck using this rgbw device? I might have gotten ahead of myself with the sales last week and picked one of these up before Vera officially supports it. I tried including it as a generic z-wave device but it showed up as like 9 devices and didn’t seem to fully configure. I’ve removed it for now until I get more info.

Zooz RGBW Dimmer

Did you put it on a vera or an atom?

I would expect this to create a Hue-esque color wheel. Where this may break the existing UI is that it is rgbw, meaning it has pure white leds and not just blended (r+g+b) .

You would expect to see 5 or 6 devices:
Base device (on/off?)

Really, there would be 2 color wheels, an rgb wheel then a “white color temp” wheel, plus a dimmer. You can probably get it to work via scenes/reactor/pleg changing luup parameters but until someone updates a UI widget, its gonna be ugly.

You might be able to change the default device definition to match an rgb zwave bulb to see if that gives you control of the rgb via color wheel.

So I was able to get it working. Yes, it creates a lot of devices (11?!) but I can group them in a room by themselves and ignore it. I had contacted the Zooz team and they said it would work with the RGB plug-in with Vera. Took a bit of trial and error but I was able to control it well by telling the plug-in to treat it as a Fibaro RGBW controller. Now that I have the color set where I like it will should just be a matter of turning them on and off. And yes I will probably just create a couple scenes to set the color back to my “default” color as needed.

Since (AFAIK) brightness is a function of colour (or vice versa) the way I do it is to turn on by sending the correct colour / brightness code. Turn off by setting target to zero, using reactor.
Of course this won’t work if you want to dim / increase the same colour.