ZOOZ Motion Sensor ZSE18


Has anyone tested out the ZSE18? They are going for a pretty good price and I was just curious about performance, usability with Vera, etc.


I’m using 4 of them with my VeraSecure, the oldest of which has been in place for about 14 months. They’ve all been reliable. I found that I had to set the sensitivity to maximum (8) for them to be useful for where I’ve got them. I’m seeing a battery life of 8-9 months.

Thanks for the response. Helpful info!

Only thing I found with the ZSE18’s is they don’t seem to respond to “poll requests” (even when running on USB power). So it shows as a weak node when viewing my mesh network in AltUI and the “pollrate” variable is low.

Not sure if that’s a limitation with this particular device. Zooz support told me it must be a Vera specific issue, as they haven’t had this with any other hardware hubs.

Has anyone else noticed this?

Having the same issue with my two ZSE18 units. One rotates from being ok, to “Can’t Detect Device”

The other is reporting “Please wait! Getting secure classes” or it reports waiting for the device to wake up.

Zooz seems to think its a Vera issue. Vera has been unresponsive to my emails.

I have them both setup the same, Wakeup interval 43200, and Poll the same. Sensitivity (Variable 12) set to 5 and tripped time is 30 seconds.

Both units are USB powered.

I’m running on a VeraP with the latest firmware - 1.7.4970 (7.31)

They both respond to motion, when they are online, but they do drop out sometimes. Both are within 10 feet of another powered Zwave device.

I bought this device a month ago, and I can’t get it to work.
I have deleted and added several times, and apparently everything works, but after a few hours I get a message “Waiting for wakeup to configure device”, or the device freezes after detecting a movement, and it doesn’t work anymore.
I am on the latest firmware 7.32, and the device operates on battery.
Any recommendations?

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