Zooz 3-Way 4-Way Switches

At CES 2019, Zooz displayed a line of Z-Wave wall switches that do not require you to install a second slave switch (like current GE Z-Wave switches do). For example, in a 3-way set up, simply install one Zooz switch and leave your other existing switch in place. The same goes for a 4-way setup. Note: a neutral wire is required for installation.


They?re great! I?ve been using them for the past year, and have no complaints. So much cheaper to use these for 3 way setups plus they have instant status as well.

I only have 1 three-way switch for a single stair. Glad I waited for the Zooz solution.

Here is the brochure for the Zooz Switches from CES 2019.

+1 for sharing.

Have you been successful at paring these devices and if so which controller do you have? I seen several posts with people not able to pair some of the Zooz devices.

I’ve paired mine with my veraplus with absolutely no issues.

For anyone interested the S2 version is currently on sale at The Smartest House for $25.95.

bought 5 ::slight_smile: they don’t sell them in Canada so might as well get some when they’re cheap

I enquired about zooz smart power strips for Australia zwave frequency and voltage and they inform me that minimum of 10,000 units would be needed before they will consider manufacturing. 10,000 x average of $30 usd = a lot
I would assume this would be the same for other zooz products like the light switch. This seems very limiting, wonder if the zwave alliance could assist any way.

Inovelli will be releasing a dimmer switch that does not require a neutral wire and can be used with existing switches in a 3-way or 4-way setting.