Zones Become Armed after one is triggered

Hi - I’m only just getting back into HA after moving. The new house has a Vista 20P to which I added a Envisalink 4. I just upgraded my VeraLite to UI7. The alarm plugin seems to be working well EXCEPT for the following: Whenever I trigger a zone (i.e. actuate a door or window sensor), afterwards ALL my zones get automatically set to ARMED! I have been assuming that zone arming (as opposed to partition arming) is just for Vera, and has nothing to do with the Vista20P. I have my UI7 HOME Mode set with all zones Disarmed except for one (a panic button) and if an armed one trips, it will set off my Z-Wave Siren (nothing to do with my Vista 20P siren). So because of this strange behavior, after opening a door or window, the Next time I open one, my Z-Wave siren goes off! Help?!

You are correct. the arming of the sensors in UI7 do not affect your status of these sensors to the alarm system. The alarm system sees them as they physically are.
In UI7, If a mode change is not arming the sensors automatically, Is a scene arming the sensors?
I would check all of your scenes to make sure none are arming the sensors. I would also look into each sensor and check what scene they are involved in.

My apologies but this was the wrong forum. The plugin I’m using is the Ademco Vista Alarm Panel with EVL3. Will the DSC plugin work with my Ademco?

Try this thread.