Zone controller LED status help

So im very new to veralite and home automation scene but learning quickly. I am going nuts over a simple setting that i want. I have searched all over and some are close to what i want but not exactly. Let me explain what im trying to do.

I have a leviton 4 zone controller VRCZ4-M0
I have this controller activating 1 light for the kitchen
When i turn the light on from the controller the green light stays lit- when i turn it off the LED turns off. What i really want is the opposite. The green led light to be on while the actual light is off in the kitchen. Then when the kitchen light is on the green led should be off. I tried this but i lose the function of the status updates if you turn on a light not from the controller it doesnt update it so the leds dont change. I’m really stumped on this one.

The reason why i want the LED’s to be on while the actual lights are off is because in the dark you can’t see the 4 switches to hit. if they were lit up during the dark i would be a happy camper. Is this possible or no?